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I took the opportunity to turn around and drive up next to a man begging at a busy intersection in Indianapolis. I keep 5 NSL (National Sunday Law) books and 5, five-dollar bills in my car. I gave him a book and a five-dollar bill. He was very thankful. (If you are afraid of being rejected go to the beggars. I have not found one to be unthankful).


While I was waiting in the traffic line for the light to turn, the man in the car ahead of me put his head out of the window and asked if I had a book for him! I gave another NSL to the beggar and he quickly took it over to the man who waved a thank you. The beggar became an evangelist!


While I was getting the beggar a cold drink at the gas station nearby (93 degrees outside) the cashier commented on my modest dress and the look of purpose on my face. He said the people he sees are lost. I gave him a NSL and gave God the glory.


So that's 3 National Sunday Law books in a short period of time. People are hungry and are looking for the truth to fill them. Don't be afraid. Go forward. God is preparing the people!


Hi Pastor Henriques. I have a testimony that I would like to share. It doesn't involve a person yet, but I have faith that it will. After listening to your mid-day sermon this past Sabbath, the 15th, I decided to go and take a nature walk as you had suggested. I walked down to a bird and wildlife sanctuary that is close to where I live. Before entering the road to go down to the park, my attention was drawn to this thing that was standing there. You can see from the pictures that it is a receptacle for free books: take a book, leave a book. The idea crossed my mind that I could leave my copy of The Great Controversy there.


So after my nature walk, I came back home and got the book, and walked back down there to leave it. I believe that God will lead someone who needs it to read it to that place, and they will find it. I praise God because only He knows who is in need of finding that book. I also put the information to Saved To Serve Sabbath online, and the Prophesy Again website contact information on the inside of the book so that whoever finds it will have access to further truth.

Richard & Zita:    

Good afternoon, dear Church, as you know we were in the Chicago area from Sunday until Tuesday. We started evangelism on Sunday at the gas station on our way to Chicago and donated 7 or 8 sets of books. At the gas station, 2 people rejected our gifts. However, one of the 7 individuals, when she saw the bag with the emblem SAVED TO SERVE, was joyfully surprised and twice said, "Oh, SAVED TO SERVE! SAVED TO SERVE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I WILL READ IT."  Other people also received the literature with thankfulness.


While in Chicago on Monday, we went to different stores, mostly in the parking-lots. We visited four cities/suburbs in Chicago. I want to state here that it was mostly in Catholic areas where a lot of Lithuanian and Polish people live. Some of them told me straight, "No, no, thank you, I am Catholic." The cities were: Willowbrook, Westmont, Darien, and Downers Grove.


Approximately,18 or 20 people rejected us, but 40 people were happy to receive the books. I always explained to them what kind of books they are and how good and interesting they are. Almost every time, I put my hand over my heart and promised that the books are interesting and powerful and that everybody will find that to be true.


On one particular occasion, I witnessed to someone differently than how I usually do. While I was in Whole Foods, I intentionally bought a loaf of bread that needed to be sliced. After the lady sliced the bread and brought the bread back to me, I took the bread and gave her a set of books as a gift from Orlando, Florida. I then explained to her what kind of books they were. She was very thankful and happy for such a surprise. I behaved the same way with other store workers. I tried to interest as many as I could to take the books and to actually read them.


At that same store, I also met my friend. She gladly received a set of books, and I talk to her often. When people rejected the literature, I did not get upset because I remembered that Jesus Christ was also rejected. I am still polite to the individuals that reject the literature.  


Once I finished with those sets, I had 1 set left out of the 40 and I could not give it to anybody because no one wanted it. I wondered, “Why is no one taking my last set of books? Everyone is just rejecting.” My husband, Richard, and I were encouraged to know that God had the exact person to whom we should give the books. We prayed in our car and asked God to lead us to that exact person, and we were right! In morning, when we were about to leave the Motel, I offered the books to the administration worker in the motel. She received it joy and thanked me a few times for the set and promised to read it and share it with her friend as well.


So, we found out that the Almighty Lord Jesus richly blessed my husband and I in this kind of ministry; doing aggressive evangelism for His glory and for the salvation of His people.

We thank God for that. Amen. Maranatha!


Dear Pastor and Hilari, today at work I sat down at the table in our lunchroom and noticed that on the middle of the table was a greeting card from the Vatican, complete with a picture of the man of sin wearing a beaming smile. I could scarcely believe that the Lord opened the door to give me such an opportunity to share some truth about the world’s beloved Pope. I prayed and then put together a printed document containing the full text of the Jesuit oath in Finnish. Within a short time, almost everyone in my department had read the text.


There were plenty of other things I would have loved to share with them today, but somehow I felt that this is what God was prioritizing. I’m sure He will continue to give me perfect opportunities to not only expose the sins of Babylon, but to show them how they can be clothed in Christ’s robe of righteousness. The Finnish press pays almost zero attention to Pope Francis, so most Finnish people just think and assume that he’s a really swell guy and there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the papacy. After all, if anything were wrong, the media would surely let us all know about it—that’s the mentality here. Have a blessed Sabbath.


Ok Pastor Andrew, I was jumping up and down this morning during service.  I have another testimony for you.  The Lord has been working!! 


At my job, the Spirit of Prophecy rests on the first 3 shelves of my 5-shelf bookcase.  People come to see me, and some may take a book.  Some have come back saying they read it and gave it to others to read. There have been dark times when nothing was taken from the shelves, and God prevented me from removing them. I reasoned that it was because He can give it to whom He wants, when He wants. It had been a dry season for a while, no doubt to teach me some things.


The Thursday before you went to Texas, a co-worker waited for me to help him.  He noticed the Amazing Facts magazine on Daniel and Revelation. His study group was on the subject. He took Dan/Rev, The Afterlife (State of the Dead), and Last Day Events.  


This past Thursday, another co-worker, who has been to my office many times, asked how much I charge for the books. He's never mentioned them before. I told him they are free (my company frowns on selling things during work hours anyway). He took the Conflict of the Ages series and Christ's Object Lessons. He was happy as a lark to get them!  


So in one week’s time, three men were in some way touched by the Spirit of Prophecy and the magazines by Amazing Facts.


I wanted to share this testimony and thank you for the sermons today. We need to: 1) pray for God to lead us to someone, 2) invite them to pray with us as a prayer partner, 3) listen carefully to them and pull scripture promises to claim with them, and 4) give our testimony of God's power in our lives.


Thank you. I have been doing my evangelism weekly. I even started having conversations. I asked two different persons on separate occasions "if they knew what the Sunday law is, and what it means for the nation?" Neither of them knew, and so I gave them a small description along with the books: the Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, and Ministry of Healing, which they received gladly. I live next door to one of the individuals, and I have the other person's number. I've gotten a prayer partner.  We're supposed to start on Wednesday evening. Thank you so much for all that you're doing. There is a documentary about an ex-nun. Her name is Charlotte. Have you ever seen it? If not, it is ok; I sent it to you.  It ties in with a lot of what you talked about today.


Ok Pastor Andrew, I’m sending you a pre-Sabbath testimony.  After listening to you in Houston, mom and I prayed that God would help us to be a blessing to someone the next day. The next day, I found a homeless man. After parking, I asked him if he needed any food or water.  He said someone had bought him some food, and he had food for his dog also.  I said, “ok” and walked away.


Allow me to digress. I had given a neighbor (a former pastor’s daughter) Steps to Christ. Before we left for lunch one Sunday, her husband called me over to give me something.  While I was there, she handed me the book.  I asked her what she thought, and she seemed pleased with it. I took the Steps to Christ back to the car with me. A neighbor who was moving out was at her vehicle.  I thought of giving it to her, but something held me back, which brings to the gas station.


After I went back to car from the 1st trip, I looked down at the book in the car’s console.  I stepped out in faith thinking it was meant for this homeless man. I put some money inside and went back over to him. I asked the young man if he knew how to read, and he said, “Yes ma’am.”  I told him Jesus is my friend, and I thought he might enjoy reading the book.  He took it and said, “thank you.”  Then I asked if he would like me to pray for him. He said a relative of his was a minister, and he would appreciate the prayer.  What he did next impressed me!


He set the book aside and took off his straw hat. Reverence for God!  I put my hand out and he took it.  After the prayer, he seemed to be teary eyed. I don’t know if I did enough for him, but I think he knows Jesus loves him.


When we returned home, I told the neighbor about the encounter, asking if she would like to pray for him too. She said she would like to very much. She told me if he reads that book, he’ll find what he needs. Her response told me that she had read the book too. It came full circle! 


Would you add Ryan (young man) with Dude (doggy), and Teddie (neighbor) to your prayer list?  I don’t know what Ryan may be running from, but Jesus has the answers.