Land Available - Texas

Free remote 20 acre land given for help.


Please contact Tom Henry at 432-284-0853 or via email at

Home for rent - West Virginia

I Have 2 bedroom home to rent in the mountains of WV. Rent negotiable with help of maintenance on property; interested parties contact me for details


Please contact Joyce Waybright at 304-897-7559 via email at for more details.


Resources - Diapers

God has impressed me to provide a monthly supply of disposable diapers for a baby in need. 


Please contact Nadine Miller at 941-456-2963 or via email at

Land Available - South Carolina

I have an acre of land for rent for $300 per month. You'll need like a travel trailer at least to reside. Water, septic, electric available.


Please contact Luis Otero at 407-953-5656 or via email at

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Employment Opportunity

1 acre of farmable land with family living quarters and 600 - 1000 sq feet of shop space - enough to store agriculture tools and have room for a shop. A motivated family that is willing to learn, has good work habits, skilled in wood or metal crafting and professional, keen and able to teach others who are willing and motivated but not necessarily skilled or have good work habits.

Tools: Desktop computer, CNC router, wood mold and pattern making tools. to build low volume, professional grade carbon fiber molds, general shop tools for wood and metal, construction material and parts. I'm costing parts and materials now. Employment for the family or financing while they set up shop and begin manufacturing and teaching.


Please contact Mark Shipowick at 304-445-5281 or via email at for more details. 

Country Home Opportunity in TN

I will be moving onto my family's OFF GRID  properties that are side by side in Middle Tennessee near Nashville The tracts of land are in a small rural country area that has an itty-bitty spring running through the property and a nice community spring within a mile.  The two tracts of land are raw and there are no electricity, gas, or water hook-ups, The land has only one cleared area for a site on each tract, and family has already claimed those areas. The land is large enough for one small family to coexist on each tract.


I do not wish to live on the property alone, therefore, I am looking for one to two like-minded small quiet friendly families. Do you meet the following criteria?

  • Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) minded

  • Easy going, non-confrontational, and kind

  • Land clearing for your RV

  • Have you planted a garden before? I have not but; we can split the harvest 50/50

  • Do you know about preserving edible and herbal healing plants?

  • Do you own your own tools and rubber boots?

  • Must have your own RV that's in good working condition (Weekly black water services are available at your cost)

  • No NONE running vehicles are allowed on the property no exceptions

  • A background check (at your own cost)

  • Willing to rent or barter for services (written agreement/expectations are a must)

  • No land is available for sale

  • No Sabbath working on the property

I will move onto the property within the next three to six months. However, if I find good people to work with, the two families could be allowed to move onto the property sooner.


Please contact Angela Baker via email at

Land Available - Dominican Republic

15 Acres for sale in Dominican Republic. Ready Mase Ministry site with two rivers, 6 buildings and space for 28 people. Fruit trees everywhere, two private entrances. Selling price $400,000

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Please contact Elvin Douglas at 8296746624 or via email at

Land Available & Employment Opportunity - Philippines

We are offering 19 acres of country land with river and orchards of tropical fruit bearing trees to any SDA member(s) needing a country living place to live in exchange for taking care of the property. They will need to build their own house, build infrastructure for water, electricity, sewer, etc. It is open to multi-family.


Please contact Mrs. Evan Mee-Lee at 808-747-4247 or via email at

EMPLOYMENT Opportunity: ATO Padada Christian School, a private SDA Elementary school in Davao del Sur, Philippines, is looking for a MISSION DIRECTOR who will facilitate the transition of ATO to a fully self-supporting school.


Click below to view photos.

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Land Available - Kenya

1 acre land near Mt. Zion Nanyuki, Kenya

Please contact Florence Muigai at 711518351 or via email at

Land Available - Dominican Republic

17 Acres for sale in Dominican Republic. Selling price $43,000

Land Picture


Please contact Carlos yaniel Valdez reyes at 809-716-9119 or via email at

Land Available - Dominican Republic.

177 acres located in Dominican Republic. River, creeks, springs. Fruit trees, plantings. House,. greenhouse. Flat, inclined. $250,000.

WhatsApp +56 9 6907 9003.

Please contact Marisol Dina through WhatsApp or VIA Email at

Resources - Real State Agent

I am Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker. Will be more than happy to help God's people to purchase or to sell in East TN. Having a Real Estate Broker who fears God is a blessing. Let me know what can I do to help you to purchase the best Country Living Property.


Please contact Denis Arvat at 770-373-7777 or via email at

Ministry - Employment Opportunity

Ministry Opporutnity: Medical Missionary who understands the blueprint work.

Employment Opportunity: Industry based - Soap making, candle making, clothes making, teaching.


Please contact Sheldine Altidor VIA email at

Country Living - Jamaica

4 acres of land in rural St. Ann. This land  was used for farm no infrastructure.


Please contact Thelma Fairweather-Siegel 876-867-4315 via email at for more details.


Resources - Ministry Materials

Ministry materials, I have many email available materials & many print materials with a wide range of subject matters.


Please contact Jason Wolfe 928-529-9619 or via email at for more details. 

Country Living - Land Available - TN

We have 24 acres in Bledsoe county TN. Is is rural and raw land. Partially logged, $72,000


Please contact Brandon Burks 540-836-3852 via email at for more details.


Country Living & Employment - TN

I am offering and opportunity to a Female to live in the country in Tennessee, i am renting a one bedroom at a very affordable price, and i will also assist you in finding employment by Gods grace.


Please contact Anita Moses at 954-614-5378 via email at for more details.


Resources - Car for Sale

2018 Honda Civic for sale, mileage under 60,000. Rebuilt title, asking price $12,000.00. This car is in excellent condition. For more information please contact me @ 786-508-3084


Please contact Nesta Christie at 786-508-3084 or via email at for more details. 

Resources - Car Donation

I have a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis it has a new battery, needs break rotors, oil change. For more details please e-mail me. The car is in Augusta, GA, I would like to donate it.


Please contact Cyndi Johnson at 706-373-9929 or via email at for more details. 

Employment - Evangelism Opportunity

I'm looking for an Adventist that have video experience that can assist in a big way with making a Great Controversy movie and other video evangelism. I'm offering a secular job so to speak at Noble Public Adjusting Group. You can live in almost any state in the southeastern U.S. It has great earning potential and you get to make money by helping people.


Please contact brother Williamson at 256-283-3644 or via email at for more details. 

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