Formerly Banned Jesuits Now Welcome in Japan in Person of Pope Francis. Japan’s Emperor Worships Sun Before Acceding the Throne

November 22, 2019

 Jesuit Pope Francis will visit Japan November 23-25 of 2019, fulfilling his long-time dream. One headline puts it this way, “Pope Francis to visit Japan, ‘the land of his dreams.’”1 Another headlines states,“With visit to Japan, Pope Francis will fulfill decades-old dream of teaching the faith in Japan.” This particular article brings out some very significant history regarding the Society of Jesus and its relation to Japan. ““For a member of the Society of Jesus, it is very natural to have such aspirations” to go to Japan, explained Toshihiro Sakai, auxiliary bishop of the Osaka Archdiocese, during a recent interview in Tokyo…Pope Francis is the first pope ever selected from the Society of Jesus, a Catholic order that sent pioneer missionaries to Japan and other parts of Asia in 16th century…Christianity was introduced to Japan in 1549 by missionary Francis Xavier, one of the society’s seven founding members. His achievements are widely taught in Japanese history classes. At first, the Tokugawa shogunate allowed the Jesuit missionaries to continue trading with the Portuguese merchants who frequented its ports. But in 1614 it banned Christianity and began a massive persecution of Christians throughout Japan.”2

What are Pope Francis’ objectives for going to Japan? As stated on Rome Reports, “Pope Francis will embark on his 32nd trip on Tuesday, his second to the Far East. He will visit Thailand and Japan. The objective is threefold: on one hand, to show closeness to the Christian minorities in the area; on the other, to encourage dialogue between religions; and finally, talk about world peace.”3 However, what does history and prophecy record as the objectives of the Jesuits and its movements among the nations? “Vowed to perpetual poverty and humility, it was their [Jesuits’] studied aim to secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism, and the re-establishment of the papal supremacy…Under various disguises the Jesuits worked their way into offices of state, climbing up to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of nations…The Jesuits rapidly spread themselves over Europe, and wherever they went, there followed a revival of popery. and wherever they went, there followed a revival of popery.”4 To Jesuits, world peace means the Roman Catholic Church posturing itself as the head on a one-world government. While dialogue between religions means other religions accepting major tenets of the Roman Catholic faith, specifically Sunday sacredness, something that pagans, Catholics and some professed Protestants already have in common.


The Jesuits being banned from Japan must here be highlighted. “Christian missionaries arrived with Francis Xavier and the Jesuits in the 1540s and briefly flourished, with over 100,000 converts…It soon met resistance from the highest office holders of Japan. Emperor Ogimachi issued edicts to ban Catholicism in 1565 and 1568, but to little effect. Beginning in 1587 with imperial regent Toyotomi Hideyoshi's ban on Jesuit missionaries, Christianity was repressed as a threat to national unity. After the Tokugawa shogunate banned Christianity in 1620 it ceased to exist publicly.”5 Following the activity of the Jesuit missionaries, the Japanese emperor understood something of the objectives of the Jesuits and decided to banish them from the country. However, nations that have once outlawed the Jesuits have now embraced and welcomed them, in the person of Pope Francis, with open arms. Would the founders of the United States in the early years of its founding have invited and welcomed the Jesuits to address its government? Resoundingly no! Yet in 2015, that is exactly what happened when Pope Francis stood before a joint session of congress and gave an address to the American people.6 Cuba is another example of the Jesuits being banned in the past but in the present being welcome in the reception of Jesuit Pope Francis.7

Jesuit Pope in Japan fulfilling Dream & Prophecy; They’ve Something in Common. What Doest Thou Here? Motives for Following Christ Tested by Refiner’s Fire, the Mixed Multitude & 5 Foolish Virgins.


During his visit to Japan, Pope Francis will of course address climate change and his environmental Encyclical, Laudato Si.’ “‘The theme chosen for my visit is 'Protect All Life,' the pope said in the video…Expressing his hope ‘to appreciate that great natural beauty that characterizes your nation,’ the pope said he also would encourage efforts ‘to promote and strengthen the protection of life that includes the earth, our common home.’”8 One of Pope Francis’ solutions to combat climate change is mandatory Sunday rest, which is mentioned in paragraph 237 of his encyclical.9 Sunday worship originates with the pagan practice of worshipping the sun or the “sun god.” Interestingly, a week before the Pope’s scheduled visit to Japan, Japan’s new emperor partook in a ritual wherein he spent time with the “sun god.” Consider the following headline: “Japan emperor spends symbolic night with goddess to end rituals.”10 “Japan: Emperor Naruhito spends night with sun goddess before taking throne…the sun goddess, from whom conservatives believe the emperor is descended. The religious ritual has its origins 1,000 years ago, although to took its current form in the late 19th century, an era when the emperor was considered divine.”11 It is no wonder that pagan nations have accepted Roman Catholicism with open arms as the both revere Sun-day.


It is clear that all the world is wondering after the beast and soon the deadly wound will be completely healed (Revelation 13:3). Roman Catholicism will then regain its lost and long-awaited world supremacy, and persecution will inevitably be rekindled for all that dare oppose the tyrannical rule and forced dogmas of this mammoth institution of iniquity and abominations. 


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