Kanye Takes ‘Closed on Sunday’ To Jimmy Kimmel. Trump Jr. & Atheists praise #JesusIsKing & Kanye for Cracking Culture Code

Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his newly released “gospel” album “Jesus is King.” Of all 11 songs, Kanye West, along with his choir and band, performed “Closed on Sunday.”1 The question is, why that particular song?  Truly Kanye West is trying to convey his message of Sunday observance to a variety of audiences that may not otherwise hear or even believe that message. This is the very song that caused Roman Catholics to hail Kanye West as an advocate or champion of Roman Catholic social teachings. Quoting from a Roman Catholic media site: “His new gospel album, Jesus Is King, is precisely about defying worldly authorities. Kanye seeks liberty from lower powers by submitting to a higher one. In doing so, he has unexpectedly become the foremost advocate of the social kingship of Christ. It turns out that Kanye West is a better theologian than many members of the Catholic academy. Benedict XVI showed that all Christian social thinking begins with the Sabbath. The day of rest is an ‘anticipation of the society free of domination, a foretaste of the city to come'. The nature of the seventh day is revealed most profoundly in the biblical notion of the Jubilee year, which came after ‘seven Sabbaths of years, seven times seven years'. At this time, prisoners would be released, slaves freed, debts forgiven. Accumulations of capital would be broken up. With a remarkable intuition, Kanye has proclaimed Christ’s kingship by talking about the Sabbath. People have mocked him for singing about stores closing on Sunday ('Closed on Sunday / You’re my Chick-Fil-A’), but this practice is connected to ideas for which people have less contempt – freeing captives, overcoming addiction, getting out of debt. ‘They say the week start on Monday / But the strong start on Sunday / Won’t be in bondage to any man,' Kanye sings. ‘All the captives are forgiven / Time to break down all the prisons / Every man, every woman / There is freedom from addiction.’”2


In another article, the Roman Catholic press makes the argument that it is likely that Kanye West may become a Catholic.  Read it for yourself: “Besides, there is no shortage of evidence that Kanye’s ongoing conversion could lead him to the Catholic and apostolic faith. One key example is Kanye’s decision to have his children baptized by a church of apostolic origin.”3 Many have stated of Kanye West being on a journey, as he has been the topic of much interest of late. He is most certainly on a journey, on a road, and through his influence, he is leading others on that journey to Rome, to Sunday. May we be watchful and prayerful.  

Catholic Media: Kanye West may become Catholic. Jimmy Kimmel hosts Kanye's 'Closed on Sunday'. Trump Jr. praises #JesusIsKing. Time to Gather Fruit


Another influential person who is publicly singing the praises of Kanye West and his new album is Donald Trump Jr.  A U.S.A. Today headline puts it this way, “Donald Trump Jr. praises Kanye West’s ‘Jesus is King’ as peak of ‘fearless creativity.’”4 The following is Trump Jr.’s full remarks: “Kanye West is cracking the culture code. @kanyewest’s new album #JesusIsKing is the epitome of fearless creativity and ‘dangerous, unapproved’ ideas. Leftists always try to silence those who are speaking truth. They’re waging a war on our family and culture. Kanye is a pioneer.”5 With these sentiments, it begs the question whether Kanye West will perform for one of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. If he does, do not be surprised if he performs his popular song, “Closed on Sunday.”


Surprisingly, even admitted atheists are excited over Kanye West’s new album. A professed atheist tweeted the following shortly after the album’s release: “I'm atheist but Kanye got me saying I love God and it feels good. I can't be the only one.#JesusIsKing."6


As Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelicals, many of the political right and even professed atheists are admiring and exalting Kanye West, it is obvious that he is unifying people from all classes, not only through his music, but more so through his message. 


Please view the embedded video for further information. 


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