Roman Catholic Media Claims Kanye West as Champion for Sunday Legislation

The Roman Catholic Church has found an unlikely champion for its social teachings and doctrines, specifically Sunday legislation, in Kanye West.  After the release of his long-awaited gospel album, “Jesus is King” many remain leery of Kanye West and his professed conversion, but not the Roman Catholic Church; they are praising him. Published on a Roman Catholic media site is an article titled, “Kanye was Christ-haunted long before 'Jesus Is King.’” In the article we find some startling words that confirm the point that Kanye West is pushing a National Sunday Law in his album.


“His new gospel album, Jesus Is King, is precisely about defying worldly authorities. Kanye seeks liberty from lower powers by submitting to a higher one. In doing so, he has unexpectedly become the foremost advocate of the social kingship of Christ. It turns out that Kanye West is a better theologian than many members of the Catholic academy.”1 By the church’s own admission, Kanye West has become an advocate for Roman Catholic social teachings. Let us continue in the article.  “Benedict XVI showed that all Christian social thinking begins with the Sabbath. The day of rest is an ‘anticipation of the society free of domination, a foretaste of the city to come'. The nature of the seventh day is revealed most profoundly in the biblical notion of the Jubilee year, which came after ‘seven Sabbaths of years, seven times seven years'. At this time, prisoners would be released, slaves freed, debts forgiven. Accumulations of capital would be broken up.”2 Let us pause here.  This article states that the foundation of all Roman Catholic social teachings is Sunday. In other words, Sunday is the foundation for Roman Catholics, but this is not the Lord’s Sabbath. The true Sabbath is the seventh, not the first day of the week.

The article continues; “With a remarkable intuition, Kanye has proclaimed Christ’s kingship by talking about the Sabbath. People have mocked him for singing about stores closing on Sunday ('Closed on Sunday / You’re my Chick-Fil-A’), but this practice is connected to ideas for which people have less contempt – freeing captives, overcoming addiction, getting out of debt. ‘They say the week start on Monday / But the strong start on Sunday / Won’t be in bondage to any man,' Kanye sings. ‘All the captives are forgiven / Time to break down all the prisons / Every man, every woman / There is freedom from addiction.’”3 Kanye West here acknowledges that the week begins on Sunday. With that understanding, Mr. West should  understand that God’s Sabbath falls on the seventh day of the week, commonly called Saturday and that the Roman Catholic Church in its Convert’s Catechism asserts that it has the authority to transfer the solemnity of the seventh day Sabbath to the first day of the week. Kanye West and any other person that recognize Sunday as the Sabbath, also acknowledge the assumed authority of Roman Catholicism to change God’s commandments. Kanye West also declares Sundays as a day of freedom from all bondage and addictions and as a day for families, as do the Popes. 

#JesusIsKing. Roman Catholic Media says that Kanye Echoes Popes for Sunday Law. Popery Praises Kanye West as Champion of Catholic Social Teachings. Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth. #JesusIsKing


In an article titled, “NEVER ON A SUNDAY: Pope says working on Sunday has negative effect on families,” the following can be read: “The full commercialization of Sunday - from business being open to people working on what is biblical to be a day of rest, has Pope Francis in lamentation. The abandoning of the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays has a negative impact on families and friendships, he says…The Pope says that while poor people need jobs to have dignity, he indicated that opening stores and other businesses on Sundays wasn't beneficial for society…'Maybe it's time to ask ourselves if working on Sundays is true freedom,’ he said.The pope also said that spending Sundays with family and friends is an ‘ethical choice’ for faithful and non-faithful alike.”4 


Continuing in the Catholic Herald article regarding Kanye West, the following can be read: “Allowing for the differences between theological essays and rap lyrics, Kanye is making the same point as Benedict XVI. The rap star rightly stresses the importance of Sabbath observance while linking it to the end of imprisonment, slavery, and debt peonage. As Benedict put it: ‘The Sabbath is the heart of social legislation. If all social subordinations are suspended on the first or the seventh day, and if all social arrangements are revised in the rhythm of seven times seven years, then they will always be relative to the mutual freedom and common ownership of all.’  If you went back 10 years and told me that Kanye West would one day be releasing profanity-free Christian LPs featuring Clipse and Kenny G and echoing the thought of Benedict XVI, I would not have believed you. But here we are. And in retrospect, Kanye’s evolution is not so surprising. He has been Christ-haunted from the beginning.”5


We can truly say that the Sunday movement is making its way in the open and multitudes, even among Seventh-day Adventists are dancing and bobbing their heads to the beats of the call for Sunday legislation. May the Lord help us to be ready for the final movements. For additional information, we implore you to view the embedded video.


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