What Should September 11 Mean to Seventh-day Adventists?

September 11, 2019

Every year that September 11 comes around a deep solemnity rests upon the people of the United States and around the world. As they recall that fateful day in 2001, strong emotions are elicited, running the gamut from grief and sadness to national pride, patriotism and even national security.  Whatever may have been your connection to and experience with the events of 9/11—perhaps a survivor, a family member or friend of a victim, a New York resident or someone watching the events of that day from afar, if you were alive at that time, I am almost certain that you can vividly recall where you were and what you were doing at the time when you became aware of the attacks on the World Trade Centers.  One thing is certain, this day should be of particular significance to Seventh-day Adventists and a reminder of the beautiful gift that God has placed within our church—the gift of Prophecy as exercised by Ellen Gould White.


92 years before it happened, in the year 1909, Ellen White, under the inspiration of God, penned the events that were fulfilled September 11, 2001, with an accuracy that cannot be denied. Detailed in the same account are the events that would follow the decimation of the towers and the resulting tremendous loss of lives. Providentially, the book and page number happen to be 9/11—Testimonies for the Church, Volume 9, page 11. Even those who have never heard of Ellen White or are wary of writings because of what they may have heard or read on the internet, after reading the prophecy themselves, cannot truthfully deny the revelation and fulfillment of this prophecy concerning the twin towers. 


We’ll let the readers decide:

“On one occasion, when in New York City, I was in the night season called upon to behold buildings rising story after story toward heaven. These buildings were warranted to be fireproof, and they were erected to glorify their owners and builders. Higher and still higher these buildings rose, and in them the most costly material was used… As these lofty buildings went up, the owners rejoiced with ambitious pride that they had money to use in gratifying self and provoking the envy of their neighbors. Much of the money that they thus invested had

been obtained through exaction, through grinding down the poor… The scene that next passed before me was an alarm of fire. Men looked at the lofty and supposedly fire-proof buildings and said: "They are perfectly safe." But these buildings were consumed as if made of pitch. The fire engines could do nothing to stay the destruction. The firemen were unable to operate the engines.”[1]


Mrs. White, in the context of the collapse of the towers, described the chaotic, deplorable conditions that would exist in the world that would usher in Earth’s final crisis and the Second Coming of Jesus. “Plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God. The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous. They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude. The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones. The condition of things in the world shows that troublous times are right upon us. The daily papers are full of indications of a terrible conflict in the near future. Bold robberies are of frequent occurrence. Strikes are common. Thefts and murders are committed on every hand. Men possessed of demons are taking the lives of men, women, and little children. Men have become infatuated with vice, and every species of evil prevails…There are not many, even among educators and statesmen, who comprehend the causes that underlie the present state of society. Those who hold the reins of government are not able to solve the problem of moral corruption, poverty, pauperism, and increasing crime. They are struggling in vain to place business operations on a more secure basis.”[2]

Indeed since September 11, the final movements hastening to the crisis have been rapid.  Surely we have seen the erosion of civil and religious liberties in the name of national security; the forming of vast monopolies is a common occurrence; the worldwide spirit of war and violence; the activities and influence of the trade unions;  the worsening of calamities with more frequency and human depravity is at an all-time low.


Every September 11 anniversary should be a reminder to Seventh-day Adventists and everyone of God’s compassion upon His people in sending them prophets. “And the LORD God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people” 2 Chronicles 36:15. Additionally, this anniversary should inspire a deeper love and study of the writings of the prophets, Biblical prophets and the writings of Ellen White. Let us not only acknowledge Ellen White’s prophecies while ignoring or despising her counsels in other areas such as diet, dress, music, worship, education, recreation, ministry or personal piety and decorum.


Lastly, Seventh-day Adventists should use the anniversary of September as an opportunity to tell individuals that God has an inspired messenger, a prophet, and introduce people to her writings by scattering them like the leaves of autumn, whether electronically or in hard copy form. Some suggested books to present to people are: The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, The Ministry of Healing, Patriarchs and Prophets, Christ’s Object Lessons and any other books you may have on hand. Let us remind all with whom we come in contact that the coming king is at the door, just as the title in Volume 9 says. “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry” Hebrews 10:35-37. 


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