High Time to get off Flesh Foods and Leave Meat Substitutes Alone!

For many of those on a plant-based diet, meat substitutes have played a significant role in their transition and in sustaining them. Many of this class cite health as one of the primary reasons for their transitioning to a plant-based diet. However, by partaking of the commercial meat substitutes, under the misnomer of “health foods”such as Beyond Foods, Impossible Burger, Morningstar, and Gardein to name a few, they are ruining their health just as if they were partaking of flesh foods. One only has to look at the ingredients list and the sodium and fat contents of these items to validate that these products are highly processed, contain MSG among other other things and are not at all healthy. In fact, individuals who subsist largely on these products suffer with similar diseases and ailments as do those who eat flesh foods; such conditions as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, obesity and diabetes among others. Many such individuals are astonished as to why their health is not improving or getting worse, not considering that it is the unnatural chemicals and ingredients along with the high processing of the foods they are eating. Make no mistake about it, it is not only the meat substitutes that fall into this category, but any product that is highly processed. Yet there are some that recognize this and are speaking out. CNBC ran an article that looked at two of the most popular plant-based companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. As a quick side-note, could it be that the very names of these companies are revealing that they are not truly foods, but rather a conglomeration of unnatural, processed, laboratory-produced products not fit for human consumption. Think about it, these products are beyond food, and therefore impossible to be classified as such. Under the headline, “Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health,” the health detriments of these products are revealed.


From the article we read the following: “There are currently two main, buzzy players in the plant-based “meat” market: Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. In 2013, Whole Foods gave plant-based meat start-up Beyond Meat its first shot at selling its vegan ‘chicken’ strips at Whole Foods locations across the country. Early believers and investors in the product were billionaires Bill Gates and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.‘We launched Beyond Meat. We were their launching pad. In fact, I think all of their new products have been introduced at Whole Foods,' Whole Foods CEO and co-founder John Mackey tells CNBC Make It."[1] Before continuing in the article, we must mention the significance of Bill Gates investing in Beyond Meat. Bill Gates admittedly supports depopulation and some of his programs are directed toward those ends. What could that mean for some of the products that Gates invests in; could they be a part of his population control agenda? The CNBC article continues, “That same year, another plant-based meat start-up, Impossible Foods, released its alternative to the beef burger made from soy protein concentrate to restaurants…Today, both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have exploded. In May, Beyond Meat had the best IPO so far in 2019 surging more than 163% on the day of its market debut, in addition to making big deals with Carl’s Jr., Dunkin, Del Taco and TGI Friday’s to name a few. And Impossible Foods products are now in about 10,000 restaurants — including White Castle, Red Robin and Burger King — with plans to launch in grocery stores in September...But Mackey, who has been a vegan for more than 20 years, isn’t sold on the health benefits of plant-based meats… ‘The [brands] who are capturing the imagination of people — and I’m not going to name these brands because I’m afraid I will be associated with the critique of it,’ says Mackey, ‘but some of these that are extremely popular now that are taking the world by storm, if you look at the ingredients, they are super, highly processed foods.’ ‘I don’t think eating highly processed foods is healthy. I think people thrive on eating whole foods,’ Mackey says. ‘As for health, I will not endorse that, and that is about as big of criticism that I will do in public.’ And Mackey isn’t alone. Some dietitians aren’t completely sold on the plant-based burger craze either. ‘They are not necessarily healthier than beef burgers,’ Alissa Rumsey, a registered dietitian, told CNBC in July. ‘They’re totally fine to eat, but there’s no need to replace your beef burger if you don’t enjoy these,’ Rumsey added, pointing out that both plant-based burgers and traditional beef burgers have the same amount of sodium and saturated fat. On the other hand, Mackey does believe that plant-based meats are a more ethical choice and are better for the environment than regular meat. And research has backed up those claims.”[2]

What is very telling is that Whole Food’s CEO, John Mackey is plant-based and he can see that just because something is plant-based it can be rendered unhealthy by over processing and the addition of unnatural ingredients.  On that point, an article was recently published on Moms Across America that announced that the “GMO Impossible Burger positive for carcinogenic glyphosate.”[3] It states, “The levels of glyphosate detected in the Impossible burger by Health Research Institute Laboratories were 11 X higher than the Beyond Meat Burger… ‘We are shocked to find that the Impossible Burger can have up to 11X higher levels of glyphosate residues than the Beyond Meat Burger according to these samples tested. This new product is being marketed as a solution for ‘healthy’ eating, when in fact 11 ppb of glyphosate herbicide consumption can be highly dangerous. Only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to alter the gene function of over 4000 genes in the livers, kidneys and cause severe organ damage in rats. I am gravely concerned that consumers are being misled to believe the Impossible Burger is healthy' stated Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director of Moms Across America.”[4] 

Many companies that claim to be environmentally friendly because they are free of animal products, are not humanly friendly.  So while they are promoting “save the planet” initiatives, they are killing people who are intentionally and deceptively being led to believe that these products are healthy. This is an indication that not because something is plant-based means it is healthy. Cigarettes are plant-based as are alcohol, sugar, refined oils just to name a few items. The goal of these major companies is not the health of the consumer but rather profit. 


Since we recognize that our bodies are God’s temple (1 Corinthians 3:16 and 17 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 and 20) and that we are to as sacredly guard our physical health as our spiritual, we need to dispense with anything that is health-destroying, unnatural and stimulating. The same reason why we surrendered the eating of flesh, should be the very reasons that we get off of the meat substitutes and all other products that are highly processed and heavily laden with MSG and other unnatural and health-destroying ingredients and learn to subsist upon plant-based whole foods. Besides, why try to perfectly mimic that which you have given up? We must reeducate our overly-stimulated tastebuds to enjoy food in as close to its most natural state as given to us in Genesis 1:29. 


“Let them impart this knowledge as they would Bible instruction. Let them teach the people to preserve the health and increase the strength by avoiding the large amount of cooking that has filled the world with chronic invalids. By precept and example make it plain that the food which God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for man's use as he seeks to regain that sinless state.”[5]

It is beyond time to leave these processed meat analogs alone. It is impossible to be healthy while partaking of these products! Ask the Lord for the wisdom and skill to prepare wholesome food that will strengthen the mind and the body. “God will give His people ability and tact to prepare wholesome food without these things. Let our people discard all unwholesome recipes. Let them learn how to live healthfully, teaching to others what they have learned.”[6]



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