False Gospel Preached at TED Pathfinder Camporee 2019

August 2, 2019

At this very moment, some 4,000 Pathfinders from across Europe and other parts of the world are convened in England for the Trans-European Division’s Camporee. As these thousands of Seventh-day Adventists sit packed in the auditorium, they face “a stage decorated to look Egyptian, in keeping with the theme, ‘Exodus.’”[1] Victor Hulbert, Director of the TED Communication Department, writes “That theme was expanded on later in the evening as Norwegian pastor, Melissa Myklebust, skilfully and colourfully took the Pathfinders on a whirlwind journey through Creation, the fall, the search for God, and the false idea that Pharaoh himself should be worshipped as god. The story will develop each evening.”[1]


So, this female Norwegian pastor has physically acted out Eve’s fall into sin while a young acting partner held and manipulated a physical representation of the serpent and taunted “Eve” with an apple, all on a stage themed after Egypt, which symbolizes bondage to sin. Unlike the serpent and those in God’s church who claim that events like this lead people to Christ, the picture below does not lie.

As a side note, the Egyptian theme at this camporee is certainly consistent with the church’s other recent initiatives, such as the supposed sharing of the gospel through the display and presentation of ancient Egyptian occult symbols and artifacts on a state-of-the-art mobile museum in Australia.[2]


To silence the voice of protest against what can be called nothing other than witchcraft/wizardry, this article and many similar ones are written and/or edited by people such as the aforementioned Victor Hulbert, who also conveniently serves as the moderator for TED News. In practice, this means that those who expose the sins of the church by commenting on these articles and citing the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy to rebuke and reprove these sins will either be banned from ANN or will never see their comments published.


Though this article could go on to talk about the serving of flesh foods to thousands of Pathfinders, the loud beating of drums, and the church’s promotion of pin sharing, it will instead expose the likely deliberate incorporation of a cryptic 666 in the design of the camporee’s logo. Many readers will be familiar with the concept that Google’s Chrome Web browser logo features the number 666, hidden in plain sight. For reference, here is a picture of both the old and new Chrome logos.

Notice the three lines that extend out from the circle in the middle of the logo. If you were to rotate the image counter-clockwise, you would see these lines complete the drawing of three 6’s. For comparison, have a look at the red circle in the bottom “wave” shown in the camporee’s logo. The circle is enclosed by a solid black line, and three slightly curved black lines (indicated by the three green arrows added by the author) extend out from this circle, also serving to create three 6’s when the image is rotated counter-clockwise, exactly as in the case of the Chrome logo.


This cannot be a mere coincidence, as the church has recently admitted that one of the Pathfinder pins designed by ADRA is fashioned after a star. According to ANN, “The ADRA pin was designed in the shape of a star with three-pronged points symbolizing the mental, spiritual, and physical elements of a full education.”[3]

This eight-point “star,” as it turns out, is patterned after the Star of Ishtar[4], and the three-pronged points symbolizing the mental, spiritual, and physical elements of a full education are a perverted, Masonic, distortion of Paul’s mention of spirit, soul and body” in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, which says, “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” According to the Web site of the Masonic Service Association of North America, “The Square and Compasses, the best known symbol of a Mason, cannot replace the identity of living the life of a Mason, which is itself perpetually in a state of improving ourselves in body, mind and spirit.”[5] On another page of the same site, they say, “Among their many and diverse qualities, Masons are men who […] seek fulfillment through multiple levels of experience, including body, mind, and spirit.”[6]


The camporee’s logo also appears to depict the index finger of Moses’ right hand pointing downwards, which carries with it an occult meaning. According to the Web site of All About Heaven.org, “A hand with the index finger pointing down represents their Higher spirit reaching down for the soul. The implication being that the person is not yet on the path and is being 'searched for', as they are in a state of innocence [or ignorance if you prefer].”[7] This author does not encourage the reader to explore that particular Web site, as it does appear to promote occultism.


We must truly sigh and cry for these abominations, and pray that our church leaders, including those affiliated with ADRA and the Pathfinders, will turn from their evil ways before it is too late. When we commemorate the Exodus, it must be with our eyes fixed on the Promised Land, and not on Egypt.


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