Laudato Si Generation. Roman Catholic Church Admits: Last Generation ‘Marked’ by Laudato Si

The condition of the world testifies emphatically that the end of all things is at hand. According to Bible prophecy, this is the final generation (see Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30, Luke 21:32 in their contexts).  The scriptures testify that weather catastrophes constitute one of the signs of the final generation.  Interestingly, not a few individuals are saying that this generation is the final one based on what they call climate change and they are working assiduously to “preserve the earth” for future generations. They are even making predictions that if strict climate change laws are not enforced in 18 months (by 2020), the world will face extinction and irreparable damage.[1] Please see our other article addressing that very issue.[2] Guess who is at the forefront along with Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church? Children and youth!  In fact, Cardinal Peter Turkson calls them the “Laudato Si Generation.” 



The headline from Independent Catholic News reads, “Cardinal welcomes emergence of the 'Laudato Si' generation.”[3] In the article is written the following regarding this papal, ‘Laudato Si generation’ of youth.”  “Young people's intensified demand for climate action is a sign of hope during the planet's ecological crisis, says Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Vatican-based Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. ‘There are so many signs of hope; God is raising up people around the world to come together to care for our common home; I am happy to note the role of young people in this journey.”  Most significant and prophetic however are the following words from Turkson. “'I am very pleased by the emergence of the Laudato Si' Generation, an international network of Catholic youth organisations striving to ‘live Laudato Si.’ He added that, ‘it is such a fitting name, as you are the generation that will be remembered for being marked by Laudato Si' and, most importantly, you are the generation that will be remembered for helping the Church implement Laudato Si' to be more prophetic and coherent in her vocation to care for our common home.’"[4]


This should bring our minds to Revelation 13:11-17 concerning the Mark of the Beast. Before we delve into the prophecy, let us emphasize the key phrases from the above-quoted statement: 1. “you are the generation that will be remembered for being “marked by Laudato Si’” and 2. “you are the generation that will be remembered for helping the Church implement Laudato Si' to be more prophetic.” These two statements sum up Satan’s end-time stratagem, as laid out in Revelation 13, using the churches. As a reminder, one of the solutions, the primary solution, set forth in Laudato Si to address climate change is legally-mandated Sunday rest (see section 237 in Laudato Si).[5] The Mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelation 13:15-17 and Revelation 14:9 and 10 is government-enforced Sunday worship. The Cardinal even has the boldness to call the “marking” of this generation prophetic, while stating that it will be remembered by helping the church implement it.  The only thing missing from the cardinal’s statement is the involvement of the United States in being the first nation to implement the Sunday Law thus setting the stage for the other nations to follow.  However, where Turkson falls short, a Roman Catholic bishop picks up—Bishop Robert McElroy who specifically “summoned” the United States to enforce the policies in Laudato Si. In his words, “‘The encyclical is a call to arms for those who would rescue our bruised planet from the forces that deplete and destroy it…For us in the United States at this perilous moment in our national history, the core themes of Laudato Si' are especially urgent…We are the most powerful nation in the history of the earth…Laudato Si' is a call to reforge the bonds of solidarity that have been at the core of every advance that we have made as a people…’”He continues, ‘“The goal of this conference is to identify the pathways through which the Catholic community of the United States can help to forge a culture capable of confronting the environmental crisis.Three initiatives will be vital to moving in this direction.The first of these initiatives is the launch of a broad interfaith movement of religious and cultural renewal that is rooted in God's identity as Creator and proceeds to an abiding sense of giftedness…The second initiative that we must launch within the culture of the United States is the conversion from environmental denial to environmental reality…The third initiative that the Catholic community in the United States should undertake is to empower children as the prophetic voice of environmental justice in our nation.’”[6]


We encourage our readers to read “God’s Law Immutable” “Liberty of Conscience Threatened”  and “The Impending Conflict” in The Great Controversy for more information on the Mark of the Beast, its implementation and preparation for that time. It can be read online here https://storage.prophesyagain.org/wp-content/uploads/EGW/GC.pdf.  We also encourage you to pray earnestly and surrender your hearts to Christ now before it is too late.


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