First The Great Hope, now the General Conference Publishes NKJV Hope Bible. Vain Hope as we near the Blessed Hope?

It seems as though General Conference leaders have an infatuation with giving people hope through various initiatives and books. Sadly, it is a false hope, a deceptive and vain hope, not based on truth in its entirety, but based upon an attenuation and manipulation of God’s Word. In 2012, the General Conference published The Great Hope, a significantly abridged version of the original The Great Controversy, in which there were glaring omissions, thus reducing the 42 chapter original to a mere 11 chapter pamphlet with less than 100 pages.[1] The evangelistic initiative of distributing The Great Hope throughout the world was deceptively presented to members of the denomination as an effort to mass-distribute The Great Controversy in its entirety. Equally appalling was the defending and justification of the gutting of The Great Controversy by men in responsible positions, such men as Elder Mark Finely.[2] The original The Great Controversy is a Protestant book, clearly defining present truth and Protestantism while distinctly and unapologetically identifying Roman Catholicism as the chief Anti-Christ along with her apostate daughters.  The Great Hope does none of this; and thus silences the protest that God’s people have been raised up  to carry forward until the close of time. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2019. The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has again published a book under the misnomer of “hope.” It is called “The Hope Bible.” The Adventist Review reports, “For Christians, the Bible is considered an irreplaceable helper tool, especially when going through life’s rough patches. Seventh-day Adventist leaders now expect a new edition, called Hope Bible, to help make this connection more explicit and straightforward. 'It is a Bible for people facing any challenge — a resource for health practitioners and chaplains,' said Mario Martinelli, CEO of Editorial Safeliz in Spain, the publishing house that will start offering worldwide shipping of the new edition in September 2019. ‘It is a great resource for health-care professionals.’”[3] 


 This sounds great, right? We thought so too, until we read further and discovered that “Hope” Bible… uses the New King James Version.”[4] There is no need to read any further regarding this book. No matter what the other features this “Bible” offers, the fact that it is a NKJV is enough to indicate that it should not even be classified as a Bible, just as The Great Hope cannot be called or passed off as The Great Controversy.  It is well-known that the King James Version is the Protestant Bible, and the other modern  translations or ecumenical “Bibles,” including the NKJV, not only remove the protest, but have other blatant omissions along with several intentional mistranslations. Under Papal reign, during the Dark Ages when the Papacy burned Bibles and its possessors, they were attempting to destroy the ancient manuscripts which laid the foundation for the King James Version Bible. The King James Version is the only spiritual sword that Satan and the Papacy abhor and fear, that can unmask their deceptions and deadly heresies and lead souls out of their grasp. It is no wonder why there are so many other versions and translations that people are calling Bibles. Many of the publishers of these modern translations are well-known satanists and occultists with an agenda to spread their satanic miasma.


Additionally, the use of modern translations make it impossible to use the method of Bible study that the Bible endorses, line upon line (Isaiah 28:9-12 and 1 Corinthians 2:13), using cross-referencing, allowing the Bible to be its own expositor. 


It has been shown that The Great Hope has glaring omissions that are not coincidental or accidental, but are intentional in order to appease the world and the ecumenical community, such as the following: "Revelation 14" is  mentioned 37 times in GC and only 2 times in GH. "Revelation 13" is mentioned 19 times in GC and only 1 time in GH. "Wine" is mentioned 15 times in GC and only 1 time in GH. "Babylon" is mentioned 27 times in GC and only 3 times in GH. "Catholic" is mentioned 45 times in GC and only 2 times in GH. The words "Papist" and "Papists" are mentioned a combined 53 times in GC and only 2 times in GH. "Papacy" is mentioned 50 times in GC and only 1 time in GH. The word “sanctuary” is mentioned 85 times in GC and only 1 time in GH. The number “2300” is mentioned 23 times in GC and zero times in GH. The number “1844” is mentioned 35 times in GC and zero times. Astoundingly, the words "Pope" and "Popery" are mentioned a combined 132 times in GC and ZERO times in GH. There are many more deletions that we will not take the time to address.  


Likewise, it is also irrefutable that the NKJV has many obvious omissions and mistranslations that give individuals a vain and false hope while leading them away from the truth, simultaneously demoting Jesus. Firstly, the symbol for the NKJV should indicate the devilish intent of this so-called Bible. It is a satanic, esoteric 666 symbol for the pagan trinity used in ancient Egypt and later used and popularized by known satanist, Aleister Crowley. You may notice that many heavy metal and rock and roll artists and groups who are deeply involved in the occult have also adopted the symbol. Much more could be said on this point, but we will proceed to the omissions. 


The word “Hell” has been omitted 23 times, “repent” 44 times, while the words, “devils,” “damned/damnation,” “Jehovah,” and “New Testament” are eliminated altogether. Mark 2:15, Hebrews 4:8, and Acts 7:45 in the NKJV omit “Jesus.” Other words have been replaced with completely different words with contrastive meanings to change the meaning of the text. “In order to ‘harmonize’ with the satanic New Age Movement… the NKJV changes ‘end of the WORLD’ to ‘end of the AGE’!  And in it's no longer the ‘WORLD to come’ but ‘AGE to come'. The New Age Movement teaches a series of ages (hence the name: New AGE). See Matthew 12:32, 13:39, 13:40, 13:49, 24:3, 28:20, Mark 10:30, Luke 13:30, 20:34,35, and 1 Cor 1:21.”[5]


It was mentioned prior that the NKJV not so subtly demotes Jesus as God from Genesis to Revelation, robbing him of worship.  Please compare Genesis 22:8 in the KJV and the NKJV. The following scriptures testify of this demotion: In Luke 13:8 in the KJV, Jesus is called “Lord,” while in the NKVJ he is called “sir.” In the following verses where Jesus is called “Master” in the KJV, the word “teacher” is used in the NKJV: Matthew 8:19, Matthew 19:16, Matthew 23:8 and Matthew 23:10.  Additionally, in the KJV in John 8:35, Jesus is called “the Son,” while the NKJV refers to him merely as “a son” (an indefinite article with a lowercase “s”).   Lastly, in Matthew 20:20, the act of someone worshiping Jesus in the KJV is replaced with the words “kneeling down.”  It could not be any more clear. This is more than mistranslation, it is intentional with a specific agenda.   


Something else that we cannot fail to mention is that the very name, New King James is extremely deceptive.  Many individuals truly believe that the only difference between the 1611 King James Version and the New King James Version is the replacing of old English words with modern language.  For example, “eth” would be dropped from the ending of verbs and words such as “thou,” “thee,” “ye,” “shalt,” “wilt “ “art” would be replaced with “you,” “shall,” “will” and “are.” This could not be further than the truth. The NKJV does not even remotely reflect the King James Version; the name was only given to mask the real character of the book. Satan has been very successful in this endeavor, and many conscientious Christians, including Seventh-day Adventists who would never touch an NIV, NASB or NLT, readily accept the NKJV. While on the other hand, there are many Seventh-day Adventist pastors that readily use the NIV and other versions, who will not touch the KJV. More can be said about the NIV and its satanic agenda, but we will have to address it in future studies. 


What is also sad is that there are Seventh-day Adventist pastors and evangelists who seem to have a burden for souls who are using their resources to create Bible studies and tracts to lead people into the truth of God’s word, and yet are using the NKJV; this is counterproductive. The NKJV can never reveal God’s glorious truth on any subject, it is not a tested Bible.  How can one truly preach the Three Angels’ Messages, exposing Babylon and her harlot daughters while using an ecumenical so-called Bible?  Additionally, the NKJV claims to be more easy to understand than the KJV by updating “obsolete” words. However, this is not the case as some of the replacement words selected reflect the new age ideologies and mythology and confuse the text that is plain to be understood in the KJV. For example, the word “hell” does not appear in the NKJV, but the word hades is used. 


Please dear reader, do your own research and allow the Lord to open your minds and then dispense with all modern translations of the Bible and stick with the King James Version, 1611. Always be mindful of the Lord’s warning found in Revelation 22:18 and 19, “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Do not be deceived by the false, vain hope promised in partial truth as found in The Great Hope or in mingling truth with error and New Age satanism as found in the NKJV.


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