Are We Choosing to Ignore the Cause of Cancer?

January 10, 2019




Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer. We’ve all been taught of the dangers of second-hand smoke, asbestos, radiation exposure, and so on, but why do so many people continue to die of cancer when they’ve eliminated, or at least minimized, these risks?


Dr. Mark Reeves, MD, PhD, director of Loma Linda University’s Cancer Center, ought to be in a position to answer this question. In his recent article, How to Avoid the Soon-to-Be Number One Killer[1], published by Adventist News Network on January 7, 2019, Dr. Reeves predictably points to smoking cessation, weight reduction, and cancer screening as the top ways to avoid getting cancer. But has he said anything about cancer prevention that your nearest health care provider wouldn’t say, or even the average person on the street, for that matter? This is by no means to insult the intelligence of Dr. Reeves, who surely must be among the best in the field at doing what he does, but we must ask the question, Why do the plain counsels of God, iterated through the pen of Ellen G. White, not have any influence in his cancer prevention tips? and, in all fairness, why does Adventist News Network choose to publish such articles on the official website of the Seventh-day Adventist world church?


According to Sister White, “Cancers, tumors, and all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat eating.” Could this counsel possibly be any clearer or more definitive? She follows by giving straight advice to physicians in professed health reform institutions (among which we must surely count Dr. Reeves and the Loma Linda University Cancer Center): “The meat diet is the serious question. Shall human beings live on the flesh of dead animals? The answer, from the light that God has given is, No, decidedly No. Health reform institutions should educate on this question. Physicians who claim to understand the human organism ought not to encourage their patients to subsist on the flesh of dead animals. They should point out the increase of disease in the animal kingdom. The testimony of examiners is that very few animals are free from disease, and that the practice of eating largely of meat is contracting diseases of all kinds,—cancers, tumors, scrofula, tuberculosis, and numbers of other like affections.”—Manuscript 3, 1897[3]


So, if you haven’t already heeded God’s counsel to forsake flesh “foods,” won’t you consider doing so starting today? All the power of heaven will be available to help those who would overcome, and who claim the promise of Philippians 4:13, which says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


1. https://news.adventist.org/en/all-news/news/go/2019-01-07/how-to-avoid-the-soon-to-be-number-one-killer/

2. White, Ellen G. (1938). Counsels on Diet and Foods, p. 388. Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Publishing Association

3. Ibid.

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