Why Donald Trump May Be the Most Pro-Religion President We've Ever Had

October 20, 2018


Why Donald Trump May Be the Most Pro-Religion President We've Ever Had


Key Paragraphs:


1. When I interviewed Jeffress for my new book, Trump Aftershock, he told me that "Donald Trump may not be our most religious president, but he's the most pro-religion president in recent memory."


2. In one of the chapters in my book called "Shaking the Church," I share a LifeWay study that revealed 51 percent of Protestant senior pastors approve of how Trump has handled his job as president and 25 percent strongly approve.


3. Trump made promises to evangelical Christians during his campaign, and he's kept many of them so far. For example, he's appointed two very conservative judges to the Supreme Court. He's proved himself to be a fierce proponent of religious liberty, to the point of punishing Turkey with sanctions until they released American pastor Andrew Brunson.


4. Jeffress offered this comment when he read Trump Aftershock…Don't believe the lies of the mainstream media. Get the facts from trusted Christian sources such as Stephen Strang, Charisma News and books such as this. Our president is shaking things up. He needs our support. It's time for all of us to become informed, stand united and call for an end to the witch hunt investigations, fake news and hateful rhetoric of those whose agenda is to bring an end to this president and turn our great nation away from God."




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