AdventHealth Carries on the Spiritualistic Legacy of John Harvey Kellogg

September 5, 2018


Many within the ranks of Seventh-day Adventism are aware of the fact that Adventist Health System has recently announced that the organization will soon be undergoing a name change, after which the word ‘Adventist’ will be no longer be a part of its identity. Beginning in January 2019, the organization and all of its hospitals will be rebranded as AdventHealth.[1]


What many probably don't realize, however, is that this health system begun by the early pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, now openly promotes the work of the late Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Dr. Kellogg, although abundantly blessed by God in his early work of health reform, later turned away from God and allowed himself to be drawn down the path of pantheistic spiritualism. On the Web site of Florida Hospital[2], a video showcasing the history of Adventist Hospital is presented to the site's visitors. This video introduces a message that should serve as a wake-up call to God's remnant people.


When introducing the Seventh-day Adventist health message, the narrator says "But several founders of the newly organized Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church had a better idea. They believed God had already provided the best remedies in nature, and they turned their attention to prevention, suggesting that fresh air, sunshine, rest, exercise, nutritious food, and clean water could help people stay healthier." Did you notice the subtle reference to nature as the source of healing? This is nothing other than a spurious, spiritualistic twisting of the 8 Steps to Health[3] that God gave us in the form of NEWSTART, which stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in God. Curiously, the elements missing from Adventist Health System's recipe for health are the ones that require faith and a denial of self—temperance and trust in God.


The video goes on to heavily promote the ideas and the work of Dr. Kellogg. "On a cold winter night in 1902, as Kellogg was out of town, the Battle Creek Sanitarium caught fire and burned to the ground. Undeterred by the disheartening news, Kellogg immediately boarded a train for Battle Creek. By the time he arrived, he had already sketched out plans for building a new and even grander sanitarium. This began an era of rapid development of like-minded institutions all over the country." What we must understand is that Dr. Kellogg's pantheistic ideas and teachings seem to have come to prominence starting around 1897, so when we hear about his work around the time of the Battle Creek Sanitarium fire or thereafter, we are hearing about the workings of a lost soul that was no longer in communion with God.


"During the General Conference session held in Oakland in 1903, Ellen White spent most of the time in an agony of soul as she watched the crisis developing over the threat of pantheism, and Dr. Kellogg determinedly pushing ahead to override all contrary views. She knew that Elder Daniells was suffering with the weight of the responsibility. She wrote frequent letters to Dr. Kellogg urging him to rethink his position. 'You are not definitely clear on the personality of God, which is everything to us as a people'" (Letter 300, 1903). {WV 435.4}[4]


Given that we have now seen irrefutable video evidence[5] of the fact that Florida Hospital Orlando peddles pork to its patients and visitors and allows the sale of Harry Potter and pope Francis children's books on its premises, we should now see a crystal clear connection between the spiritualistic underpinnings of Adventist Health System and this sort of open apostasy. For the word Adventist to be dropped from Adventist Health System's name should be plain confirmation that the organization has moved entirely out of favor with God. Our sincere prayer should be that the men and women Adventist Health System repent of their sins and ask God to help them make the reforms necessary to avoid the outpouring of His wrath as it was manifest in the fate of the Battle Creek Sanitarium. “Solemn admonitions of warning, manifest in the destruction of dearly cherished facilities for service, say to us: ‘Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works’” (Revelation 2:5). {LDE 60.1}[6]



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