Juxtaposition: Antichrist Affirms Gayman’s Lifestyle. Pulse Shooting Survivor Credits Christ For Victory Over LGBT


Nothing coming out of Pope Francis’ mouth should be all that surprising or the least bit shocking--he  is the head of a church whose history is sullied with countless scandals and incidences of pedophilia and sexual abuse and its elaborate network of cover-ups. Hence the Bible’s description of this mammoth institution of iniquity as “the habitation of devils, the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird” Revelation 18:2.  Additionally, every specification and degree of sin mentioned in the Bible, the Roman Catholic Church has attached to one of its many titles in scripture, showing that it is the very embodiment, the epitome of wickedness, and everything antithetical to God--the Anti-Christ.  Consider the ways in which this power is described: 1. “the man of sin” (2 Thessalonians 2:3), 2. “the son of perdition” (2 Thessalonians 2:3), 3. the mystery of iniquity (2 Thessalonians 2:7), 4. the transgression/abomination of desolation (Daniel 8:13,Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14).  Considering the Bible’s characterizations of the papacy and the confirming, unmistakable evidences of such, individuals should really not be alarmed that the Pope told a gay man that God made him that way. CNN reports, “Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse, spent three days with Pope Francis at the Vatican in April, in which he discussed his sexuality and the abuse he suffered at the hands of a Chilean priest.Describing his encounter with the Pope to CNN, Cruz said: ‘You know Juan Carlos, that does not matter. God made you like this. God loves you like this. The Pope loves you like this and you should love yourself and not worry about what people say.’"[1]


This is not the first time however that Pope Francis has made controversial comments regarding homosexuality.  “In July 2013, in response to a reporter’s question about the existence of an alleged ‘gay lobby’ within the Vatican, Francis said: ‘Who am I to judge?’”[2]  One can only imagine what Pope Francis would have said to Luis Javier Ruiz, the Pulse nightclub shooting survivor who is no longer gay after finding Christ, if given the opportunity to converse. For those who may be unaware of Mr. Ruiz’s testimony, here is an overview: “A survivor of the June 2016 mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 people dead now says he has found Christ and is no longer gay. ‘I should have been number 50!,’ Luis Javier Ruiz said in a message posted to Facebook. ‘Going through old pictures of the night of Pulse, I remember my struggles of perversion, heavy drinking to drown out everything and having promiscuous sex that led to HIV. My struggles were real! The enemy had its grip, and now God has taken me from that moment and has given me Christ...’ Ruiz shared this revelation just ahead of the Freedom March, to be held May 5 in Washington. The event bills itself as a “celebration of freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism. The event's organizers have partnered with Voice of the Voiceless, a religious group whose mission is ‘to defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families,’ according to its website.”[3]


What Pope Francis told Juan Carlos Cruz is a blatant lie that translates into the following, that homosexuality is something that is normal and was created by God and that man cannot and thus should not strive to get victory over it. No Mr. Francis, no Mr. Cruz, homosexuality is not normal, it was not created by God and yes there is victory available through the power of Jesus Christ!  There is no sin that God cannot give man victory over, else He would not be God. It is only the anti-Christ and those possessing his spirit that will tell men that Christ is not powerful enough to deliver from sin and that you can be saved in your sins. There are plenty of witnesses that can attest to the power of Christ who has given them victory, not once, but continual victory over homosexuality, in lifestyle and even in desire. “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” 1 John 5:4 and 5. “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever. Amen.” Jude 1:24 and 25.    

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