Visa’s CEO Spearheads Cashless Society in Preparation for Mark of the Beast Just as he Masterminded Pope’s Historic US Visit


The Bible is clear that the Roman Catholic Church to some extent controls the wealth of world; and in order for her to do this, the merchants of the world must be united with and subservient to her.  “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her [mystery Babylon, a symbol of Roman Catholicism] fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies” Revelation 18:3.  This must be the case in order for the Mark of the Beast to enforced, because once enforced, individuals who do not receive the mark are prohibited from buying and selling (Revelation 13:15-17). Therefore, we understand exactly who is behind the push for a cashless society.  A cashless society basically is a censuring and controlling mechanism that can be used to dictate how, when and where individuals’ capital is spent as well as who has the privilege of buying.


 A recent New York Times article under the headline, “Cash Might be King but They Don’t Care,” stated the following: “Not surprisingly, the credit card companies, who make a commission on every credit card purchase, applaud the trend. Visa recently offered select merchants a $10,000 reward for depriving customers of their right to pay by the method of their choice. A Visa executive described this practice to CNN as offering shoppers ‘freedom from carrying cash.’ But wait, how is this even allowed? Doesn’t the dollar bill say it’s ‘legal tender for all debts, public and private’? The Federal Reserve’s website says that notwithstanding that language, there is no federal law compelling a business ‘to accept currency or coins as payment for goods or services.’”  Notice the wording in this article; it is not at all unintentional “depriving customers of their right to pay by the method of their choice.”[1] “In a digital-only economy, governments and banks could take control of your financial life; with a flick of a switch, they could leave you without a penny…That could create a second-class citizenry of people who don’t have equal access to banking services.”[2]


 With this in mind and also considering the fact that Roman Catholics are experts of denying individuals of freedom, it is not at all surprising that Visa’s CEO is a devout, high-ranking Roman Catholic that was chiefly instrumental in orchestrating Pope Francis’ visit to the United States and is intimately connected with the Jesuit Pope. Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of Visa, a global payments technology company of whom it is written, “for most of 2015, Mr. Kelly served as the full-time Chairman of the Papal visit to New York City. In that capacity, Mr. Kelly worked closely with Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan and the U.S. Secret Service and oversaw all aspects of the planning. Mr. Kelly assembled and led a team which managed all movements and events for Pope Francis' two-day stay in late September, 2015.”[3]  In response to the question, “So your faith – the Catholic faith of the Roman Church – means a lot to you?” Mr. Kelly had the following to say: “It does mean a lot to me.  I’m very fond of our current cardinal and he has me extraordinarily involved in the Board of Trustees of Saint Joseph’s Seminary.  I am on the Finance Council of the Archdiocese of New York.  I’m the Vice President of the New York Catholic Foundation.  So he’s a hard guy to say no to.  I have a lot of faith in him and a lot of faith in our Church.  It is an important part of my life.”[4]


Just as Alfred Kelly was instrumental in arranging all of Pope Francis’ moves when he came to America, it is obvious that Pope Francis is instrumental in arranging the moves of the merchants of the earth so that they align their policies with that of the Vatican to put control into the hands of Papists so that individuals cannot exercise liberty of conscience just as in former times. It must be remembered that Pope Francis has not a few times called for a new economic order. Students of prophecy recognize that once such an order is in place, Popery will be at the head, a National Sunday Law will be enforced and all noncompliant persons will be persecuted.





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