2017 Year-In Review: A Look Back at Fulfilled Prophecies of 2017 in Church and World


“The history which the great I AM has marked out in His word, uniting link after link in the prophetic chain, from eternity in the past to eternity in the future, tells us where we are today in the procession of the ages, and what may be expected in the time to come. All that prophecy has foretold as coming to pass, until the present time, has been traced on the pages of history, and we may be assured that all which is yet to come will be fulfilled in its order.”[1] With another year now in the past, many are fearfully looking forward to the new year, thinking, “if 2017 was so monumental and devastating on many levels, what can we expect for the upcoming year?” “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” Luke 21:25 and 26.  Just as the Bible predicted, in such a state of fear, individuals will lose all rational thinking and will comply with whatever solutions are put forth to bring about peace, safety and security; yes, even at the expense of their liberties. This will give rise to the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.  Let’s take a look at some significant happenings of the past year and see just how close we are to the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.  The following list is not exhaustive as there is much happening behind the scenes that is yet to be uncovered. 2017 has seen some major prophetic milestones which we will highlight below in the areas of politics, civil unrest, wars and rumors of wars, the environmental movement, the convergence of church and state, the restriction of civil and religious liberties, ecumenism, calamities/signs in nature, atheism and immorality, technology and sadly, developments in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointee, Neil Gorsuch, has significant Catholic connections. [2]

  • North Dakota House shoots down bill ending blue laws.[3]

  • States call for convention of state to amend constitution.[4]

  • Trump uses first foreign trip to unite religions against extremism. [5]

  • Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican.[6]

  • September 11 marked as a day of prayer and a day for national repentance.[7]

  • Trump bans transgenders from military[8]


Civil Unrest/ Violence/Terrorism

  • Protests, marches, demonstrations.[9]

  • U.K. attack near Parliament.[10]

  • Peoples’ climate movement march on Washington. [11]

  • Las Vegas Massacre.[12]

  • Multitudinous terror incidences around the world.[13]


Wars and Rumors of War

  • U.S. drops M.O.A.B. on Afghanistan.[14]

  • EU calls for global army to fight extremism.[15]

  • America and North Korea tensions.


Environmental Movement

  • Sabbath for the earth and poor held by Catholics in England.[16]

  • Earth day and Mercy Sunday fall on same day.[17]

  • Unprecedented Parliament of World’s Religions to Take on Global Deforestation.[18]

  • 350 (or more) mayors adopt Paris climate accord after US pulls out.[19]


Convergence of Church and State

  • Catholics in Congress: 1/3 in house, one quarter in senate.[20]

  • If Trump won’t lead, there’s always Pope Francis.[21]

  • Lady of Fatima statue paraded at the United Nations.[22]

  • Donald Trump had the very first Christian Inauguration in past history.[23]

  • European Union turns to Pope calling him “moral voice of authority” for Bloc’s rebirth.[24]

  • To “tackle extremism” in Britain, SDA schools and clubs have to register with government and are subject to inspection.[25]

  • Sunday rest in EU constitution.[26]

  • Evangelical leaders lay hands on President Trump in oval office.[27]

  • Vatican takes it’s first-ever U.N. vote.[28]


Ecumenical Movement

  • Ecumenical week of prayer held (Focalare).[29]

  • For first time since reformation, German evangelical church invites Pope Francis.[30]

  • World’s top religions (including Pope) make joint appeal called “make friends.”[31]

  • Kyros 2017, uniting Catholics and Protestants.[32]

  • Death of Protestantism, signing of joint declaration of Catholics, Lutherans, Evangelicals that protest is over.[33]


Calamities/ Signs in nature

  • Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katia, Jose etc. and other major disasters.[34]

  • Earthquakes, monsoons, wildfires, floods, avalanches, extreme drought, landslides.[35]

  • Solar Eclipse.[36]


Atheism and Immorality

  • January issue of National Geographic devoted to Gender Revolution. [37]

  • PETA demands Bible change.[38]

  • High profile sexual allegations. [39]

  • Disney Airs first ever gay kiss.[40]

  • For first time, LGBT film given Oscar for best picture.[41]


Restriction of civil and religious rights

  • Trump imposes travel ban of Muslims; Representative Keith Ellison links it with Seventh-day Adventists.[42]

  • Google begins flagging offensive content in search results. [43]

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses banned from Russia. [44]

  • British PM, Teresa May, to create new internet controlled by government.[45]

  • Mandatory Biometric information required in India.[46]

  • Jamaica implements biometric identification system.[47]

  • Southern Poverty Law Center labels those who believe in end-time prophecy, country living, the Second coming of Jesus as extremists. [48]

  • Sunday shopping ban in Poland.[49]



  • Doomsday clock adjusted 2 ½ minutes.[50]

  • World’s first ever robot-citizen.[51]

  • Popery present at tech conference to see how Catholic Church can spread its influence digitally. [52]

  • Anti-defamation league creates measures to combat cyber hate which limits free speech.[53]

  • Former Google product manager admits that tech companies are trying to Hijack consumers’ brains through apps and social media. [54]

  • Several countries are going cashless. [55]

  • Scientists freeze brains in hopes of bringing man back to life. [56]


Movements of Popery

  • Fatima visionary: final battle will be over marriage and family. [57]

  • 100th anniversary of Fatima Apparitions.[58]

  • Pope: Conversion is a prerequisite to ecumenism. [59]

  • Pope’s popularity on rise in U.S. according to pew research. [60]

  • Mass graves discovered on former Roman Catholic orphanage. [61]

  • Pope said to be a victim of Fake News after being exposed for changing the Ten Commandments. [62]

  • Popery urges EU leaders to return to Christian [Catholic] roots.[63]


SDA Church Developments

  • SDAs attend Ecumenical week of Prayer with Popery (Focolare). [64]

  • Avondale College in Australia fosters homosexuality.[65]

  • News of a “Married” Lesbian couple baptized in Chico SDA church. [66]

  • Mormon Law society gives SDA Ganoun Diop a religious freedom award. [67]

  • SDA pastor, Eric Walsh who was fired for religious beliefs wins settlement of $225,000.[68]

  •  SDA Pastor John McLarty preaches that we must break commandments to accommodate the LGBT lifestyle.[69]

  • Adventist Health transfers Walla Walla hospital to Catholic Church. [70]

  • SDA female “pastor” Alicia Johnston comes out as Bi-sexual and then resigns.[71]

  • Professed SDA creates Bible App for LGBT. [72]

  • SDA Pastor becomes LGBT Activist. [73]

  • SDAs sign reforming Catholic Confessional, end protest. [74]

  • Loma Linda University hosts evolutionist to give lecture. [75]

  • Andrews University creates first official LGBT support group. [76]

  • SDA pastors start a national movement, NFL blackout.[77]

  • Roman Catholics rebuke SDAs for their affirmation of the LGBT lifestyle. [78]


Looking back at the fulfilled prophecies of 2017 and looking forward to 2018, we can expect that the very final movements will be rapid ones. Everything that has occurred over the past year, whether in the church or in the world are preparing the way for the Mark of the Beast Crisis. Let us awake out of our sleep and be more determined in giving the final warning message to all with whom we come in contact.  “Said the angel, "Deny self; ye must step fast." Some of us have had time to get the truth and to advance step by step, and every step we have taken has given us strength to take the next. But now time is almost finished, and what we have been years learning, they will have to learn in a few months. They will also have much to unlearn and much to learn again. Those who would not receive the mark of the beast and his image when the decree goes forth, must have decision now to say, Nay, we will not regard the institution of the beast.”[79]






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