The Powerful Solidarity Trade Union and More Than One Million People Unite with the Papacy to Push “Free Sunday Movement”

 From all quarters of the globe, the call for Sunday observance is going forward. Some urge Sunday sacredness for moral/spiritual reasons, while others support Sunday rest for reasons such as promoting family values, mental and physical health, and rest from the busy work-week.  The trade unions have always been instrumental in initiating Sunday rest, not only for workers but for all; and according to page 10 of Country Living, “The trades unions will be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as has not been since the world began.” It must also be noted that the Roman Catholic Church is very intimately connected with the trade and labor unions. From a Catholic website, “If you attend a labor union meeting or a rally for workers’ rights anywhere in the country, don’t be surprised to spot a Catholic priest in the crowd. Priests have long played a key role in the labor movement, helping workers to fight for their rights and spreading the message of Catholic social teaching and the dignity of work… the ‘labor priest’ is making a comeback.” In a recent BBC article it was reported that “Poland's leading Catholic bishop has spoken out in favour of an almost complete ban on shops opening on Sunday, amid growing public controversy over the proposal.” The article continues: “‘Free Sundays are what all Catholics, non-Catholics and non-believers need,’ Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki told Polish Radio ahead of a meeting of the Bishops Conference on Friday, which is expected to support the ban. The idea was put forward last year by the powerful Solidarity trade union, backed by a million-strong petition, and has been batted back and forth in a parliamentary subcommittee ever since. The clerics are careful to base their argument on quality of life rather than religious grounds. ‘Families don't just need financial support, they need time for themselves,’ said the Archbishop of Katowice, Wiktor Skworc…Solidarity chief Piotr Duda is holding out for ‘Four free Sundays a month, full stop, end of story’, Dziennik daily reports.” 


Although this Sunday shopping ban is being promulgated not on religious grounds, but rather to promote the “quality of life,” the mere fact that the Catholic Bishops back it, shows the real character of the movement and who is behind it. The article brought out that the “powerful” Solidarity trade union is the organization behind the Free Sunday movement; which it must be remembered that it was the Polish Solidarity movement, united with Pope John Paul II and former US President Ronald Reagan that formed an alliance to bring communism (state-sponsored atheism) to an end. From Time Magazine’s “Holy Alliance” article, it is stated: “Until Solidarity's legal status was restored in 1989 it flourished underground, supplied, nurtured and advised largely by the network established under the auspices of Reagan and John Paul II. Tons of equipment -- fax machines (the first in Poland), printing presses, transmitters, telephones, shortwave radios, video cameras, photocopiers, telex machines, computers, word processors -- were smuggled into Poland via channels established by priests and American agents and representatives of the AFL-CIO and European labor movements. Money for the banned union came from CIA funds, the National Endowment for Democracy, secret accounts in the Vatican and Western trade unions.”


 Ecclesiastes 3:15 states “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” In the last days we can expect that there will be a powerful union between the trade unions, Roman Catholicism and the United States of America to bring down immorality and atheism, just as the Berlin wall came crumbling down by such a union, which will result in the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast, the National Sunday Law (see Revelation 13:11-18). We do not even have to look back very far to see that this model has already been introduced.  In 1888 when the National Sunday Bill was about to be passed, the labor unions not only backed it, but also advocated for it; and although it did not pass then, we can be certain that a National Sunday Law will pass, and that very soon! Get ready, get ready, get ready!



White, Ellen. Country Living (1946), page 10









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