You Do Not Have to be Sick

Can we choose not to be sick? This may be a foreign thought to most people to be given a choice of whether they want to be sick or not. If this is true than the obvious answer is to choose to be healthy. But are we really choosing to be healthy? We can choose to be well by our habits. What we eat, how we dress and what we do all have a bearing on our health. Hygiene has a large bearing on our health as well. Choosing a clean environment and choosing to be clean can also keep you away from doctor visits.

Living conditions play a role in human wellness. “In Lowndes County, Alabama, there’s little infrastructure to handle sewage. That means there’s seasonal pools of contaminated water in people’s yards, providing habitat for mosquitos and tapeworms — and the diseases they carry. If climate change increases temperatures and rainfall, that means more pools, especially in less-wealthy places with little government investment.” [1] This is the result of impoverished living conditions in a city area. By relocating to a less developed region with more trees, one can benefit from the clean air and be less probable of coming in contact with germs and pollutants that the city life will entangle us with.

The desire of all is to live a happy, peaceful and healthy life. Still so many in the world are suffering. Many have inquired of me, “what course shall I take to best preserve my health?” My answer is,

Cease to transgress the laws of your being;

Cease to gratify a depraved appetite

Eat simple food

Dress healthfully, which will require modest simplicity

Work healthfully; and you will not be sick.

[2]It is a sin to be sick; for all sickness is the result of transgression. God’s ideal for His children is far higher than the highest human thought can reach. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:48. This command is a promise. The plan of redemption contemplates our complete recovery from the power of Satan. Where many are gathered together in the large cities, disease is inevitable. Sickness and diseases are taking over the major cities, country living is certainly ideal in order to maintain health and be free from the pollutants of city life.

Christ always separates the contrite soul from sin. He came to destroy the works of the devil, and He has made provision that the Holy Spirit shall be imparted to every repentant soul, to keep him from sinning.” [2] Staying true to the commandments given and the admonition to relocate to rural district is a means to cooperate with the Lord to destroy the works of the enemy who delights in the destruction of men.

In a society where the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the location where we live have been compromised it is no wonder why there are many suffering from disease and the number increases daily. But this does not have to be the end of the story. We can cooperate with the Lord by seeking the right location away from the city where the air is fresh and free from a concentration of pollutants. We can choose to eat the original diet prescribed by the Lord to avoid things such as cancer. We can wear clothing that will cover the person promoting a healthy circulation of the blood. These are some of the choices we can make to be healthy.

We are in control of our health and we have to learn to make good choices. As we turn to the Lord we ask for temperance in all things for He wills us to be well. We must do all physically possible and the Lord takes care of the rest. As we cooperate with Him we can choose to be healthy and whole without sickness and without sin. Will you choose to be healthy physically and spiritually today?

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  2. HR August 1, 1866

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