The Climate Change Cry and The Final Crisis



 In the beginning because of disobedience to God’s command the earth was cursed and brought forth thorns and thistles this made the cultivation of vegetation a challenge.  Farmers and gardeners alike are faced today with pests and diseases that hinder the production of food.  Those that choose to raise livestock also have another inhibition. “According to the United Nations, ‘livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems” (2)


At first glance meat eating might not seem related to climate change but its advocates do see its relevance.  In fact according to an article “Research and scientific consensus is clear: raising animals for food is a leading cause of pollution and resource depletion… Another study published in Environmental Research Letters warns that to avoid the worst consequences of future climate change, meat-eaters should cut their consumption by 50%.”  Politicians and Religious Figures alike advocate that climate change should be combated by sustainable means or growing foods instead of raising livestock.” (2)


Supporters of Climate Change propaganda range from Al Gore to Pope Francis big names in politics and religion.  “Pope Francis’ Encyclical “On Care for Our Common Home” recognizes the increasing damage being done to the planet and biodiversity by climate change.” He stated that there is a “sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life.”(1) This I believe is almost common sense. The bible speaks in line with this idea. It also teaches that because of sin we will reap the wages which is death to man, beast and the earth also is affected.


This affect on the earth’s ecosystem and the way even food is grown is also taking a toll on the health of the living creatures, man and beast. If the animals are sick it would be best if we refrain from consuming animal products.  The method of growing food such as conventional methods is also affecting the environment negatively and organic methods should be encouraged.  These are good suggestions to help the environment. The best way to detour the environmental change is to go to the root of the problem. The problem is found in breaking God’s law.


So it is true, the environment is becoming more polluted, the soil has become more depleted and the quality of food grown has also diminished.  How can anyone deny the changes the earth is going through, it is according to what the bible teaches would happen before Jesus returns.  Something must be done to sustain a healthy lifestyle and help the ecosystem.  So what choices do we have?


Pope Francis has proposed solutions, some of which may have some benefits, however, they are connected with enforcing morality and worship. “Francis affirms ‘an urgent need to develop policies’ to address climate change. There is probably no better way to develop a policy to reduce GHGs (greenhouse gases) than resurrecting the emphasis on meatless Fridays.”  The health benefits of not eating meat are many and can include the welfare of the planet.  The emphasis of a health reform should be implemented in accordance with the spiritual benefits. 


Does the Pope hold or make biblical claims in the line of worship? When statesmen enforce morality that is contrary to God’s law how can this appease a broken trust of God’s Commandments? The Bible teaches that there will be a time when we will not be able to buy or sell unless we worship on Sunday in accordance to what the Pope says is needed to combat climate change.  What must we do to prepare? The Pope states in his encyclical that the primary way to combat climate change is by enforcing mandatory Sunday observance.


The only way to combat climate change is to adhere to the Commandments of God including the Seventh Day Sabbath. This is not the direction that the world is taking so we must also make preparation for the crisis that will affect God’s faithful few.  This means that we must find ourselves not only having meatless Fridays but should even omit meat from our diet.  We must learn how to grow foods that will sustain us during a time when we will not be able to purchase from grocery stores or farmers’ market.  It is time get a piece of land in the country and grow our own food.  A crisis is coming are we ready to meet it?






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