Out Of The City

In 2008 I moved from Hollywood, FL to Summerfield, FL to help my father run a business that he had selling cars in the small town of Belleview, FL. I had no idea what the Lord was leading me into. As a young Christian I knew that God was leading but had no idea to what extent.

When I first moved into the doublewide trailer it did not seem too strange, although I was not accustomed to looking out and not seeing any neighbors. The first time I did see a neighbor I was very surprised to see him waving at me because in South Florida you don’t just talk to strangers or even salute them. Now, I was in the country and in my mind the people were very friendly. When you move out of the city, any small town seems like it’s countryside, especially since my water now came from a well and I was living on 5 acres of land. With all this land , I decided to begin to learn to grow food, at that time, I realized I had a lot to learn.

The countryside is ideal for raising children, something I did not think about until I got married and my wife was with child. I began to give God thanks because He providentially led me out of the city. My character began to change as I spent more time with the Lord in nature and as I lived among a friendlier crowd where crime was not as prevalent. Temptation was not around every corner, I had to look for trouble it would not find me as easy as the city life.

Today I don’t think I’m alone “almost a million more people have left New York for somewhere else in America than have moved to New York from another U.S. metro…Population growth in big cities has now shrunk for five consecutive years, according to Jed Kolko, an economist and writer.”(2)

“Many of these people are moving to rural areas in the Northwest and elsewhere. The Chicago Tribune explains that a growing number of them are survivalists who seek homes that they can defend in the event that a collapse occurs.”(1) With a growing debt deficit and no real reform in government spending it seems like the question is not “Will it fail” but “When will it fail?"

The advantages of being in the country versus the city are almost endless. According to Tom Purcell, “If the electricity shuts down, all my town will lose is one stoplight and a couple of streetlamps. If the water stops pumping, few will mind; a lot of folks have wells that produce tasty water. If there is a food shortage at the supermarket, country folks are prepared.”(1)

The Lord revealed to me, by experience that country life is ideal for developing a Christ like character. It is also ideal to prepare for the crisis that is before us when it will not be possible to remain faithful to God and continue to buy food and clothing from the market places. The preparation needed for this crisis is seen by the people of the world so where are God’s faithful people? I pray that we will allow the Lord to lead us out of the city so that it may not be done in fear but in obedience to His will to obtain the character necessary to stand in the last day.

1. Purcell, T. (2017, April 5). Rural folks living what 'preppers' seek. Retrieved from http://bolivarmonews.com/opinion/purcell-rural-folks-living-what-preppers-seek/article_cb9b6f22-1a31-11e7-aa0e-57bca9fb7808.html

2. Thompson, D (2017, April 4). Why So Many Americans Are Saying Goodbye to Cities. Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/04/why-is-everyone-leaving-the-city/521844/

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