Trump leaving Paris Climate Accord a Setup for Aggressive Push to Enforce the Deal & NSL by Mayors & Governors

June 7, 2017


Not surprising to many was Donald’s Trump’s decision to please his conservative base by keeping his campaign promise and withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord. What was shocking was that this highly anticipated decision came just days after Trump met with Pope Francis and received a signed copy of the Pope’s encyclical on climate change, which he promised to read.  Additionally, Mr. Trump stated that he was “evolving” on the issue of climate change, which made some hopeful that just maybe he would keep the United States in the agreement; but clearly this was not the case.


 It is no secret that Pope Francis is the most vocal proponent of combating climate change and has devoted many of his speeches, meetings with world leaders, and other conventions to championing this cause and selling his agenda wherever he goes using every viable platform.  Reasoning from the standpoint that climate change is a moral evil brought about by human activity, Francis’ proposed solution to deal with it is what he considers a moral one—a government-enforced Sunday Law, which was laid out in his environmental encyclical, Laudato Si. So aggressive in having his agenda fulfilled, which  is the reemergence of Roman Catholicism to world dominance, Pope Francis and the Papacy are steps ahead of world leaders and have multiple avenues of accomplishing their ends, if more direct means fail.


Such is the case concerning the issue of climate change, specifically the Paris climate agreement. Though Donald Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the global climate deal, (which will not be fully accomplished until November of 2020), individual states can override that decision and adhere to the principles of the Paris Climate deal. If such states are opposed at the federal level by Donald Trump, the states are justified in continuing in the agreement because they are protected by the U.S. constitution. This is exactly what mayors and governors plan to do and have pledged to do, namely to continue in the Paris agreement, of which they are halfway to fulfilling their pledge. Consider the words from former New York City mayor and business mogul, Michael Bloomberg recorded by BBC News.


Headline: “Trump climate deal: US can fulfill pledges, says Michael Bloomberg.”  “The US can still meet its commitments to fight climate change, despite President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said. He argued this could be done ‘through partnerships among cities, states and businesses,’ saying Americans would not let Washington stand in their way. Mr. Bloomberg is the UN special envoy for cities and climate change… ‘Americans don't need Washington to meet our Paris commitments, and Americans are not going to let Washington stand in the way of fulfilling it,’ Mr. Bloomberg said following talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. ‘I want the world to know that the US will meet its Paris commitments and that through partnerships among cities, states and businesses we will seek to remain part of the Paris agreement process. We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington,’ he added.”[1]


What could cause Bloomberg to speak with such certainty and boldness, stating that the “US will meet its Paris commitments” through cities, states and businesses and that they are already halfway there. Already the aforementioned have fully signed on to Pope Francis’ climate change agenda and made sure they were covered and protected, under Pope Francis’ dictation, if a situation should arise that the climate accord would be opposed at the federal level.  Though it was opposed federally, it would take four years, another election cycle, for the withdrawal to go into affect; so while many democrats are panicking that Trump pulled out and some conservatives are rejoicing, nothing really changed June 1 when Trump gave his bombshell announcement to leave the agreement.


Another important consideration is what Bloomberg was referring to when he stated that the states were already halfway there in the Paris agreement process. In July of 2015, Pope Francis convened a forum at the Vatican for global mayors and governors, wherein the focus was climate change and more specifically the persuading of these leaders to sign the Paris climate agreement. America’s mayors and governors along with others from various countries turned out in droves and indeed signed on—this proved to be their protection. From Vatican Radio: “Global Mayors, Governors at Vatican summit on climate change, human trafficking.”[2]  One governor, who happens to be a Jesuit, and who represents a class of other governors and mayors who share the same sentiments had this to say on the issue of climate change: “Governor Brown says the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ breaks really important ground in pinpointing the interconnectedness of human beings with other species and the natural world. He says hopefully the world will listen to the Pope’s understanding of the existential threat caused by the human disruption of climate patterns.”[3] This is the same Jerry Brown that stated the following of Pope Francis, just days before Mr. Trump pulled out of the accord: “Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Father.”[4] It is evident that the Jesuits and the Papacy are steps ahead of the rest of the world, but this should not be so with the people of God because we have been given the more sure word of prophecy, an unfailing chart pointing out every waymark on our heavenward journey and need not guess at anything or be surprised at anything.


What is happening today with regard to the mayors and governors following Popery’s agenda and urging their constituents to do the same should remind us of the Biblical type given in Daniel 3:2 when the princes, captains [mayors], governors, and other elected leaders were gathered together to worship the golden image set up by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon; if they refused, they were faced with a death sentence. Just how big this coalition of mayors pledged to fight climate change is, and just how much power they have is revealed in the following article. “Today, the two biggest coalitions of cities in the world – the EU-based Covenant of Mayors and the UN-backed Compact of Mayors – are forming an alliance to link more than 600 million city dwellers in the fight against climate change…Our new alliance, now called the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, will provide unprecedented support for city efforts and accelerate progress against climate change in a number of ways, including: The Global Covenant will link more than 7,100 cities, representing more than 600 million people, in one unified effort to address the causes and impacts of climate change. Cities will speak with one clear, coordinated voice, sending a strong signal to national governments that they are committed to this fight and to assisting one another…In the fight against climate change, cities are where the action is.”[5]  


For those who believe that because of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement, we have more time, are miserably deluded, and when probation closes, it will come to them as an overwhelming surprise.  We cannot solely watch the happenings at the federal level, but must look at what is taking place city by city, state by state.  Think back to the steps that led to the enactment of same-sex unions, it began by becoming legal state by state until finally, it was legalized federally. May we put on and keep on the eyesalve so that it can be said of us what was said concerning the children of Issachar: they “ had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” 1 Chronicles 12:32.








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