Pope Leaves His Mark On Trump. Trump: I Won’t Forget Pope’s Words & I’m More Determined To Pursue Peace

May 24, 2017



In order for the Mark of the Beast to be enforced, the full participation of Roman Catholicism (the beast) and the United States of America (the image of the beast) are absolutely necessary. Before the beast came face to face with its image, Pope Francis made his international rounds, selling his insidious agenda to various nations and the dominant religions therein. It is no coincidence that the countries that U.S. President, Donald Trump visited on his first international trip are the countries of the world’s major religions--Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, the very religions that Pope Francis is interested in uniting and dominating. While visiting these countries Mr. Trump made it a point to visit the respective countries’ most holy sites; indeed, this is an ecumenical tour that Donald Trump has undertaken, of course following in the footsteps of Pope Francis. Just as the beast is a forerunner of the image, preparing the way for its entrance, so Pope Francis has cleared the way for Donald Trump in the various influential nations, who incidentally used the same rhetoric and pushed for the same agenda, simply to unite and drive out terrorism and extremism. A headline stating the same reads as follows, “Trump’s rhetoric on Islam takes significant steps in a Catholic direction.”[1]


It is no secret that Pope Francis and Donald Trump have publicly feuded over policies and also personal issues during the past months.  Many did not know what to expect concerning the two outspoken leaders’ highly-anticipated meeting.  However students of Bible prophecy knew exactly what would happen--promises of unity, joining of forces on common points, while promoting world peace.  What messages and gifts did Donald Trump receive from Pope Francis’ hand, one may inquire. “President Trump had an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican's Apostolic Palace on Wednesday, receiving messages about peace, the environment and immigrants from the religious leader.”[2]  For what is considered the world’s greatest threats, Pope Francis and the organization that he heads have but one solution--the enforcement of mandatory Sunday rest and worship. It is no surprise that Pope Francis presented Mr. Trump with a copy of Laudato Si, his encyclical on climate change which proposes the aforementioned. Neither is President Trump’s tweet about his meeting surprising as he expressed his greater determination to pursue peace. “‘Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world.’"[3]


Regarding their  first meeting, NPR News relates, “Their encounter was smooth and brief, lasting about 30 minutes... ‘At the end of the audience, the pope gave Trump copies of his writings,’ NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports from Rome, ‘including his encyclical on climate change...’ The pair exchanged several gifts...the pope also gave Trump an emblem of an olive tree, representing the need to pursue peace. ‘We can use peace,’ the president replied.

As they shook hands in farewell, Trump told the pontiff, ‘I won't forget what you said,’ adding that the pope should call on him for help. Later, Trump met with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. When asked about his discussion with Francis, Trump said it had gone very well. ‘He is something,’ Trump said. ‘We had a fantastic meeting.’”[4]


Also coming out of the meeting was the following: “The Vatican said later that they shared a commitment to ‘life, and freedom of worship and conscience’ and expressed hope that they can collaborate ‘in service to the people in the fields of healthcare, education and assistance to migrants.’ On international affairs, their ‘exchange of views’ covered the ‘promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue,’ and highlighted the need to protect Christian communities in the Middle East.”[5]


In attendance with  Mr. Trump was his wife, daughter, son-in-law and his secretary of state.  Mr. Trump was not the only person to receive gifts from Pope Francis; his wife, who is a Roman Catholic received a “blessing” upon her rosary beads--Roman Catholic string of beads that supposedly invokes the intercession of Mary. Donald Trump and his family delegation that attended him to the Vatican represents three religious groups t that both Mr. Trump and Pope Francis are trying to unite--Roman Catholics (Melania Trump), Evangelicals (Donald Trump), and Jews (Ivanka Trump and her husband). 


In case any missed it, Donald Trump’s parting words to Pope Francis were that he wouldn’t forget what the Pope said to him and that Pope Francis should call on him for help.  Indeed these words are prophetic, because the Roman Catholic Church will indeed be calling upon the United States for its help.  For its help in doing what, one may ask-- its help in healing the deadly wound of the Papacy and restoring her to world dominance via the enforcement of her policies and the sustaining of her institutions.  It must be remembered that President Trump has assured Roman Catholics that he would lobby and fight for the interests dear to them; and indeed he has taken steps to make good on that promise by the issuance of his executive orders on “religious liberty” and health care respectively.   After this meeting we can expect future cooperation between Roman Catholicism, the beast of Revelation 13:1-10, and the United States, the image of the beast, Revelation 13:11-18, which will result in the restriction of civil and religious liberties from citizens, the enforcement of the National Sunday Law so long waited for and the inevitable persecution of those who reject the assumed authority of the beast and its image and refuse its mark.   As one CNN reporter so aptly puts it, “ Pope Francis appears to have left his mark on President Donald Trump.  Left his mark? That’s right, the mark of Rome’s authority, the Mark of the Beast.  It will be the professed United States of America that uses her legislative branch to enforce the Mark of the beast upon its inhabitants; shortly thereafter, this mark will be imposed in other countries. Get ready, get ready, get ready!







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