Dangers of canned foods

February 22, 2017


Ok, let's just jump right in, with more than half of Americans using canned foods as a major part of their diet, all should know that canned foods are bad for you and your health! I've always had my reservations about the nutritional content of canned foods from an economical standpoint. Canned foods can be purchased for as low as $.39, and this has raised my eyebrow for some time now. Businesses are in business to make a profit, and the fact that a product made it to the grocery shelf (which is at its final destination to make a profit) at such a low cost makes me wonder how much did it take to manufacture and produce it? We all know that NOTHING of quality comes at a cheap price. Here's the proof.


Canned Foods are:


1. Laced with mildew and larvae(spinach worms/caterpillars) trapped within the leaves of canned greens. These greens are packaged and left in a concealed environment for years at a time. When you eat it, well... I'll spare you the graphic visual, but you understand.


2. Packed with sodium (salt). Well we know this, right? Salt is a preservative so salt should be a part of the packaging right?  Many are unaware that an additional, extensive amount of sodium is used to keep the preservatives from rotting so that they can keep the food from rotting. Did you get that? The preservative needs a preservative! Excessive sodium intake causes high blood pressure, fluid retention, hypernatremia and cardiovascular disease, to name a few.


3. Lined with the harmful, poisonous BPA material which is supposed to keep the food, vegetables, and fruits fresh. BPA is known to kill rats in laboratories and the amount used in the lab is a 1,000 times less than what is found in canned foods. In humans, BPA also causes hormone imbalances, hypertension, aggression, obesity, cancer and heart disease.


4. Picked before they are ripe, making the food content at least 80% less nutritious than in its natural raw state.


5. Not inspected as they should be. Less than 2% of canned goods are inspected by the FDA.


6. Leaking aluminum. Many are unaware of the process of readymade canned foods - neither was I. Most canned foods are put into the aluminum cans, sealed, cooked, shipped and stored for extended periods of time. Yes! The food is cooked in a sealed aluminum can! Now the can is sweating and the aluminum and BPA lining are now contaminating and soaking into and becoming a part of your soon to be meal. Excess aluminum in the body can cause memory problems( Alzheimer's).


The only true remedy to avoid placing yourself in the war path of canned foods is to purchase organic, non-GMO , fresh fruits and vegetables. The risk of developing many chronic diseases, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, Alzheimer's , diabetes and nervous system disorders ;will be dramatically reduced.


"It would be well for us to do less cooking and to eat more fruit in its natural state. Let us teach the people to eat freely of the fresh grapes, apples, peaches, pears, berries, and all other kinds of fruit that can be obtained. Let these be prepared for winter use by canning, using glass, as far as possible, instead of tin."— CD 309.3


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