ADHD Natural Remedy

November 9, 2016


ADHD is the overtaxing of a child's brain and ability at a very young age. These overtaxing situations at times will cause them to be forced into unfavorable situations that are not suited for the proper growth and development of the child. Subsequently, ailments are the result and the physician is quick to recommend the remedy.

If a child is exhibiting the symptoms of ADHD, we must first return to God's laws of health and his rules for the child growth. Also, he has provided natural remedies to help stay the course.


  • Give the child a nourishing diet of fresh fruits & vegetables, carrot juice and vitamin supplements.

  • Give complex carbohydrates (whole grains)

  • loving care

  • proper rest at night

  • an opportunity to do worthwhile and appreciated work assignments specifically in the help and care of another

  • believe in the child

  • listen attentively to them (how you treat the small matters now tells them how you will respond to their big matters later)

  • do things with them

  • take time to be with them

  • have an orderly routine

  • give the child his own duty to be responsible for in the home


If the child is already on medication


Instead of Retalin, each day give:

  • high-B complex

  • thiamine (25 mg)

  • vitamin B6 (100 mg)

  • pantothenic acid (50 mg)

  • folic acid (400 mcg)

  • beta-carotene (in carrot juice)

  • vitamin C (1,000 mg)

  • vitamin E (400 IU)

  • calcium (500-1,000mg)

  • magnesium (100-400mg)

  • zinc (15 mg)

  • 4 tsp flaxseed oil

  • valerian root


  • saturated fatty acids

  • no dairy

  • junk food

  • sugary foods

  • processed foods

  • fried foods

  • soft drinks

  • coffee









Disclaimer: The information provided in this publication is designed for educational purposes only and reflects the Biblical lifestyle designed by God for our health and happiness. The information presented herein is not to be used as health or medical advice or to diagnose or to treat disease.


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