Nations and Religions Enter Historic Agreement to Fight Climate Change

November 6, 2016


November 4, 2016 is now past, but unbeknownst to many, whose attention is so engrossed in the United States presidential election, an unprecedented, historic and prophetic agreement has been globally entered into and now enforced worldwide.  That is the Paris Climate Agreement that 95 nations signed in December of 2015, but now has been ratified and enacted.  This agreement did not come about solely by the various nations and their respective governments, but it was a collaboration of church and state.  “He [UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon] added that over the past decade, a ‘great global coalition’ for climate action, including government officials, scientists, faith leaders, business executives and civil society activists around the world was forged and it recognized that the future of people and planet was at stake. ‘They made today possible,’ he said, highlighting: ‘Today shows us what is possible when we join forces for our common future.’”[1]


In a day and age that virtually everything negative in our world is blamed upon climate change, this global climate change agreement gives way for both regulatory and restrictive measures relating to individuals’ personal practices and ways of life.  Since the agreement came about through the contributions of government, churches, scientists, etc., it must be expected that such groups will have a strong voice and influence in what is or is not permissible, all in the name of preservation of the environment and staving off climate change.  Proportionate to the calamities and resulting economic downturn, will be the drastic measures enforced to counteract it. And it must be remembered that presently the loudest voice championing action on climate change is Pope Francis, who wrote an encyclical devoted to the topic and was instrumental in the global climate deal.  Embedded in the encyclical is Pope Francis’ chief solution for combating climate change, mandatory government-enforced Sunday enforcement.  Here is an excerpt: “On Sunday, our participation in the Eucharist has special importance. Sunday, like the Jewish Sabbath, is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God, with ourselves, with others and with the world…The law of weekly rest forbade work on the seventh day… Rest opens our eyes to the larger picture and gives us renewed sensitivity to the rights of others. And so the day of rest, centred on the Eucharist, sheds it light on the whole week, and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor.”[2]


Another fulfillment of Bible prophecy took place October 31 when leaders from the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran church and many other professed protestant/ evangelical denominations met in Lund, Sweden to officially and jointly declare that there is no more protest, that they are now united.  This unity is not only on a doctrinal level but is also an alliance to fight climate change and other world issues. “The event, organised by Caritas Internationalis and by the Lutheran World Service featured music and testimonies about the way Catholics and Lutherans are working together on some of the most urgent issues of the day, from supporting refugees to combatting climate change, from educating orphans in Africa to promoting peace in Colombia or Syria.”[3]  This indicates that not only have the nations legally united to combat climate change, but so have religions and denominations.  This means that any person or group that does not join in the environmental movements and does not follow the guidelines will be prosecuted and persecuted.  From every angle the climate change movement is gaining momentum while those who deny climate change are pressured. Nevertheless, God’s people are not justified in joining such movements, because connected with them is Sunday legislation and a forcing of individuals’ consciences.


“But the fact that a movement to establish error is connected with a work which is in itself good, is not an argument in favor of the error. We may disguise poison by mingling it with wholesome food, but we do not change its nature. On the contrary, it is rendered more dangerous, as it is more likely to be taken unawares. It is one of Satan's devices to combine with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausibility. The leaders of the Sunday movement may advocate reforms which the people need, principles which are in harmony with the Bible; yet while there is with these a requirement which is contrary to God's law, His servants cannot unite with them. Nothing can justify them in setting aside the commandments of God for the precepts of men.”[4] 





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[4] White, Ellen.  The Great Controversy (1911), page 587

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