October 18, 2016


Many seem to think they have a right to treat their own bodies as they please, but they forget that their bodies are not their own. Their Creator, who formed them, has claims upon them that they cannot rightly throw off. Every needless transgression of the laws which God has established
in our being is virtually a violation of the law of God, and is as great a
sin in the sight of Heaven as to break the Ten Commandments. Ignorance upon
this important subject is sin; the light is now beaming upon us, and we are
without excuse if we do not cherish the light and become intelligent in regard
to these things, which it is our highest earthly interest to understand.” {CH
40.1 }
Everything we do must be done to the glory( character) and honor of God.
Our clothing too, is a testimony of who is in control of our minds. We’re all familiar
with some variation of the saying , “Everything of value is covered, cherished,
preserved.” So it is with the body, especially one that claims to be exhibiting
the character of God. Adam and Eve were clothed with the light of God
prior to sin, immediately after sinning the pair realized that they were naked
and sought to cover themselves. The attire they chose were aprons of fig leaves,
“And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that
they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made
themselves aprons.” Gen 3:7
We all know the story, God came to the garden and the pair sought to hide
themselves. Fast forward—- “Before Christ sent Adam and Eve out of
the garden he clothed them. “Unto Adam also and to his wife did
the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them…, Therefore
the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the
ground from whence he was taken.” Gen 3:21 & 23 KJV But
wait...didn’t the pair already clothe themselves? We just read in Gen 3:7 that
they made themselves aprons...hmmm...well let’s see what happened here. Sin
removed the light and protection from the pair and the garments they chose
were neither modest or healthful. They were now exposed to the elements of
nature and needed proper protection so, “ God clothed them with coats of skins
to protect them from the sense of chilliness and then of heat to which they were
exposed” SR 46.1


       Apron- Man Made, Not Approved by God

 Exposed Chest

Exposed Back

Exposed Arms

Exposed Thighs

Exposed Legs




God Made- God Approved


Covered Chest

Covered back

Covered Arms

Covered Thighs

Covered Legs



It is evident here that God has a special requirement and garment for his people . Briefly addressed,proper dress is directly linked to proper health. Life is in the blood and
without blood there is no life.(Lev. 17:11 KJV) For this reason, it is imperative to
have proper circulation within the body to promote and sustain optimal health.

“In order to enjoy a good state of health, there must be a proper circulation of the
blood. And to secure a good circulation of the current of human life, all parts of the
body must be suitably clad. Fashion clothes woman's chest bountifully, and in winter
loads her with sacks, cloaks, shawls, and furs, until she cannot feel a chill, excepting
her limbs and feet, which, from their want of suitable clothing, are chilled,
and literally sting with cold. The heart labors to throw the blood to the extremities,
but it is chilled back from them in consequence of their being exposed to cold, for
want of being suitably clothed. And the abundance of clothing about the chest,
where is the great wheel of life, induces the blood to the lungs and brain, and produces
congestion.: {PH134 }

“There are those who will never return to their first love. They will never cease to
make an idol of self. With all the light of the Word of God shining on their pathway,
they will not obey His directions. They will follow their own tastes, and do as they
please. These sisters give a wrong example to the youth, and to those who have newly
come to the faith, for they see little difference between their apparel and that of
the worldling. “ {SHM 443.4}


White, E. G. (n.d.). The Story of Our Health Message (Pg 443.4). Retrieved from Ellen G. White Writings. (n.d.). Retrieved October, 2016,



Principles of Dress

Healthy: Ensure the limbs are at least as well clothed as the rest of the body (2T 531)
Modest: It should not expose the female form to public view (no low necklines and skin tight clothes)( R&H April 14, 168)
Simple: No extras, adornment,gaudy colors, writing, to attract attention to self. (Ch 423)
Feminine: It should manifest a clear distinction from the general dress of men. ( CH 427)
Christian (Distinct): It should not be a style identified with or promoted by unacceptable special interest groups, for example, the women’s movement or false religion.


White, E. G. (n.d.). The Story of Our Health Message (Pg 443.4). Retrieved from Ellen G. White Writings. (n.d.). Retrieved October, 2016

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