"Stop Hurting Me!" -Love,Your Body

October 2, 2016


God is such a wonderful architect. He designed the body in such a way to provide for all of our needs. Truly, our bodies and its systems do all the work, all we have to do is follow the laws of health and assist it in its God given innate functions. Too often we see the drug store shelves fully stocked with symptom blocking  poisons, ready to harm our bodies. What do I mean?, you may ask. For example," If one has a fever, shouldn't we want to reduce the fever.? Well, the truth is, no... not if the intention is not to treat the infection that triggered the fever to begin with. A fever is the body's natural response to an infection in the body. It is the body telling us that something is wrong. If this is the case, why then would we seek to silence it? This is exactly what fever suppressants do. By definition of the word, "suppressant," it is the drugs job to silence the body's cry and cover it with a quick fix, never truly dealing with the real issue. When a fever is present, the body has officially entered a healing crisis and has now diverted all of its efforts into ridding the body of this toxicity. The body understands that it must work vigorously to attack this infection and thus accomplishes this by enlisting all of the eliminatory organs to this "war." "


The body arouses itself in self-defense and brings forth acute elimination of toxins in the form of a fever, cold, inflammations, itching, boils, ulcers, hemorrhages, excessive menstrual discharge, etc. " (Ferrell, 2008). When physicians try to stop this process by introducing poisons (drugs) into the system, the body becomes distracted and begins a new attack on the foreign drugs. At this time the body may seem to be healed due to subsided symptoms however the body has just been paralyzed by the effects of the new drug. The condition, never truly dealt with. Sometimes we feel pain in our kidneys and, bladder, or bowels and believe this to be a disease with in actuality it is the body that has chosen to use the strongest organs of elimination to throw of the wastes. This is not to say that all illness should be treated in the same manner. Sometimes a sudden change in illness and symptoms are linked to a worse disease. Typically, water, natural juices, enemas and sweating, aids the body in the healing process.


You may be in a healing crisis if you are having feelings of sluggishness, fevers, tongue, unexplainable weakness, irritability, headaches and ringing in the ears. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is a good idea to begin to aid the body in healing by rebooting the system's health through proper nutrition ( primarily juicing) , exercise , adequate amounts of water and rest.


"Very many lives have been sacrificed by physicians' administering drugs for unknown diseases. They have no real knowledge of the exact disease which afflicts the patient.... medicine must be administered, experiments and tests tried, to cure the patient of the disease of which they have no real knowledge. Nature is loaded with poisonous drugs which she cannot expel from the system. The physicians themselves are often convinced that they have used powerful medicines for a disease which did not exist, and death was the consequence.


Medicines have no power to cure, but will most generally hinder nature in her efforts. She, after all, must do all the work of restoring. .  {2SM 452.1, 453}


Ferrell, V., & Cherne, H. M. (2008). Natural remedies


White, E. G. (n.d.). Tesstimonies to the Church Vol. 2 , pg. 452 par 1


Disclaimer: The information provided in this publication is designed for educational purposes only and reflects the Biblical life-style designed by God for our health and happiness. The information presented herein is not to be used as health or medical advice or to diagnose or to treat disease.



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