Pope Francis Uses Sports to Promote Peace and Interfaith Unity

September 17, 2016


There is not one sector in society that Pope Francis does not have his presence and influence in, and soon to be control. He has capitalized the technological arena, the entertainment industry, popular culture, politics, religion, the labor unions, and now, believe it or not, sports! In using his influence in all of the above areas, Pope Francis and Roman Catholicism has the same goal in mind, ecumenism, a unification of all people under one head, the Papacy, under the pretext of peace and the “common good” of humanity. This should not come as much of a surprise as competitive sports trace their origins to Rome and were an act of worship to Roman gods/deities, idols. Thus it is today, competitive sports are heavily interlaced with spiritualism and pagan worship and innuendos and will as verily lead back into the hands of Rome as they did in times past. What can we really expect since Satan was the originator of sports and they are essentially an oblation to him and serve the purpose of diverting the minds, the energies, the time and the very lives of those who partake in them from the wholesome and productive activity that God has called them to perform, to that which feeds into and strengthens the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. 


“Satan has devised a multitude of ways in which to keep men from serving God. He has invented sports and games, into which men enter with such intensity that one would suppose a crown of life was to reward the winner. At the horse races and football matches, which are attended by thousands and thousands of people, lives for which Christ shed His blood are thrown away. What will become of the souls of the men and boys whose lives are thus extinguished? Will they be counted worthy of the redemption which Christ died to secure for them?”1


Satan, through his chief entity, the Roman Catholic Church, is using sports as an ecumenical tool to unite different religions and denominations and even those who do not identify with any faith community. “Sports and faith have more in common than you think. On several occasions, Pope Francis has mentioned that he is a big fan of sports, especially soccer. In fact, the inter-webbing of sports and faith has become a frequent occurrence. This is why the Vatican has organized the first global conference on ‘Sport at the service of humanity,’ which will take place in Rome October 5-7. The mission is to bring together leaders from the worlds of sport and religion to carry out different initiatives…Among the attendees present: Pope Francis, the secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon and President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach…Sports move the masses and stir emotion. In addition to entertainment, they can be an inexhaustible school of values, and conferences like this one aim to prove it.”2



Of course the “initiatives” to be carried out and achieved are tending to a one-world religion under the “mother,” the Roman Catholic Church, and the adherence to her Papal rites and traditions, of which Sunday observance is the principal.


What better tool to use than sports to insinuate a particular agenda wherein people are emotionally invested and thinking upon eternal realities are forgone for that season of revelry and the mind is open to receive the suggestions that come to it while in that state of virtual inactivity. Vatican Radio, under the headline “Vatican Cricketers head to UK with interfaith agenda” reports “Members of St Peter’s Cricket Club set out on a second ‘Light of Faith’ tour to the UK this weekend, with ecumenical and interfaith objectives high on their agenda.” The team’s manager had this to say, “As we in St. Peter’s always remind ourselves, we are priests and seminarians who happen to play cricket, not cricketers who happen to be priests or seminarians. We have already, as a team, begun to pray for the real results of this tour, and each day on tour we will have Holy Mass, prayer and communion, all normal parts of a priest’s day. We are also praying with the other teams and in the local places of worship (Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds Cathedral, York Minster…)”3 It is clear that this team of priests went to evangelize, but used sports as the medium in which to do so.




Additionally, Pope Francis supports the idea of using sports to promote peace. The article headline reads, “Pope Francis supports ‘Football for Peace’ match in Rome.” The article states “The ‘United for Peace’ charity event will be played  in aid of the educational and social initiatives promoted by the Pontifical Foundation ‘Scholas Occurrentes’ on 12 October. The Foundation is an international project based in Argentina that brings together schools and educational networks from different cultures and religious backgrounds. The ‘United for Peace’ match was presented on Friday morning at a press conference led by José Maria del Corral, President of the Scholas Occurentes Foundation, who said the inspiration for the initiative is to be found in the Pope’s reiterated appeal to build peace by promoting a culture of encounter.”4




Bible students, which God has called all of His people individually to be, understand that it is the cry for peace that the papacy will use to destroy those who do not join his ecumenical alliances. “And through his [the king of fierce countenance, the Papacy] policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand” Daniel 8:24.


Along with the myriad of other reasons why competitive sports should be completely left alone, whether watching or playing, is the fact that this arena is a catalyst for achieving the Pope’s agenda—a one-world government under her Papal dominance with persecution for those who choose not to be a part; essentially the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.




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