Plastic Rice

April 3, 2016


For the past 4 years, China has been mass producing plastic rice. Plastic rice looks very identical to the real grain rice and is made from a mixture of potatoes and industrial synthetic resin.

 Sadly though, the only way of differentiating  the two is by cooking it. Once cooked, the rice remains hard and if cooked in soup, it will leave a plastic film over the top and is difficult to digest. Eating 3 bowls of plastic rice is said to be equal to consuming one plastic bag.  Here's the testimony of a friend whose husband had a personal encounter with plastic rice.


"My husband had two plates of rice from a potluck at work. Being vegan, he thought this to be the best option amongst the other foods present. He ate one plate there and brought one home. When he heated up the one that he brought home, it burned like plastic at the bottom of the pan. No amount of scrubbing, soaking, or stainless steel  scrubbers could get it off! My husband's stomach and intestines did not function right for weeks.  He experienced chest pain, stomach pain, undigested food, and intestinal pain. When we realized what had occurred we self treated with lots of fiber and did a juice cleanse for approx 2 weeks. We could have never imagined this! The rice looked like normal, everyday rice.  Because of this experience, we do not purchase any rice from China, (be very leery of it) and we only buy organic, these are the two ways we ensure that we do not encounter plastic rice again."


E. Rodney, Winter Garden ,Fl.


In these times, we must be very cautious and intentional in the foods that we choose for our families to eat. If you are not in a position to grow your own food, consider  making it  a practice to purchase organic foods. God has trusted us with our body's temple and we are to be ever careful and knowledgeable in the things that we place in it.



Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Cor. 10:31



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