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Foraging in The Wild...Will You Survive?


Test for Edibility

When choosing what to eat from wild plants you will want to pray and ask God for guidance. Then the first thing you want to do is section the plant being questioned by separating the fruit, leaves and flowers if it has any. Not because one part of the plant is edible does it mean the whole thing is edible.

Begin by choosing to test on one part of the plant first. We can begin with the leaves.  You can break the leaves and rub it under the forearm. Do not rub it on a large portion because you are trying to see if it will irritate, itch or cause any type of reaction. After you rub it wait 5 minutes to see if there is any irritation.

If there is no irritation or any reaction then rub the same part of the plant on your lips and wait 5 minutes for any irritation stinging or numbing. Then place a small portion of leaves on the tongue but do not chew and wait 5 minutes to check for any itching, burning or numbing after 5 minutes begin to chew and after again check for any kind of reactions.

Finally eat a small amount and wait an hour if this causes no irritation, nausea, burning or itching it should be safe to eat the leaves. Repeat the procedure for the flowers and the fruit if applicable.  Do not over eat wild foods are more filling than you might think.

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