30 ft. x 10 ft. Canopy Party Wedding Event Tent Heavy-Duty Gazebo Cater with Side Walls

Sister Kanen Autore is in need of a tent in order to hold lifestyle camp meetings in her community.


Please contact Kanen Autore at 727-386-0124 or for more details. 

Financial Assistance

I'm new to Orlando Florida and I came here for the Lord and I just found a job but have not started training yet and my phone bill is due on May 31st and I really don't want to lose my connection to my employer or my family back home

Please contact James Newell at 765-354-8209 via email at

Resources - Ellen G. White Books

I'm looking for a Child guidance book of sister White and a daily devotional book for my 10 years old daughter. I can't find an English book in Switzerland.


Please contact Gelma Huber via email at


Employment Opportunity

Looking for employment opportunity in preschool education. Also need financial help.


Please contact sister Mary Maloney at 330-3134 or e-mail her at

Canopy Event Tent

A tent and about 20 folding chairs.


Please contact Naomi Johnson at 876-339-0729 or for more details. 


Resources needed:

  • Garden equipment tiller

Please contact Sueann Atkinson/Alfred at 592-602-1955 or via email at

Financial Assistance - Bahamas

We're a SDA small group called STS in Bahamas. Need to raise some money to supply food & helping the most vulnerable people while preaching the gospel

Please contact Kervens Victor at 242-470-2077 via email at

Resources/Financial Assistance

Restor8tion Ministries is seeking resources and financial assistance for the following: iPad pro, travel tripod, xt20 Fujifilm 

Please contact Sheldine Altidor via email at

Resources - Literature

More Great Controversy books, National Sunday Law, Bibles for outreach program, projector and laptop for public meetings.

Please contact John Ansah Sasraku at 513-972-9575 via email at

Financial Help to Pay Bills.

Good afternoon I am not working at the moment I am going through a financial crisis my food cupboards are empty my bills are piling up 

Please contact Alicia Walkes at 246-822-2349 or VIA email at

County Living - Tennessee

I'm looking for a rural vacant .property with 10 to 60  acres in Tennessee.

Please contact Randy and Michelle Castro at 402-708-1654 via Email at

County Living - Tennessee

I'm looking for a rural  vacant .property with 2 to 7 acres in Tennessee.

Please contact Jonathan McCully at 336-303-5513 via Email at

County Living - Land

Searching for country living property in Canada. We would like to establish a sanitarium and establish a site where others can come in times of need.

Please contact Bernadette Jones at 587-888-6050 via Email at

County Living

I am looking to connect with someone. I am in need of country living. I am willing to work along with someone who is going to buy property

Please contact Beverley Benjamin at 617-840-8884 via Email at

County Living - Washington

I'm looking for land in Washington or Barbados.

Please contact Cora Hansen at 253-238-0697 via Email at

County Living - Tennessee

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 10 to 15  acres in Tennessee

Please contact Gladys Inukoh at 612-735-2010 via Email at

County Living - Georgia or Jamaica

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 7 to 10 acres in Georgia or Jamaica

Please contact Dorothy Beckford at 678-663-6697 via Email at

Resources for Website

Website Design Assistance to start an appealing Biblical public health Literacy website for parents.

Please contact Vira Armstrong 7609726844

Financial Assistance

Happy Sabbath day too all! Dear friends, I'm from Burundi live in Namibia, I need your help, I'm sick for long time and unable to walk, God bless you

Please contact Nizigama Bosco at 816913755 or VIA email at Email Address

County Living - Florida

Looking for an acre land to cultivate in Central North Florida.

Please contact Rosnki Blooming via Email at

County Living - United Kingdom

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms in Wales, United Kingdom.

Please contact Mrs. L Forder via Email at

County Living Financial Assistance- Portugal

I am in need of 10.000€ to buy a land in countryside 

Please contact Rosa Cupertino at 351 966545613 via Email at

County Living - Employment Opportunity - Tennessee

My wife and I are moving our family from Texas and seeking to purchase 5-10 acres in the state of Tennessee

Employment Opportunity: nursing (RN) x-ray technologist (RT) Massage therapy (LMT)

Please contact Jonathan Earle at 615-838-9707 via Email at

County Living - Tennessee

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 15 acres in Tennessee

Please contact Dolores Curry at 949-521-4269 via Email at

Financial Help to aid student

Good day, I come with a need I never thought I would ask. I was a missionary in Egypt for 2 years and was impressed with one of my students. He worked hard in school, worked on his english and other subjects. He also was the only student in the school to read Ellen White, and read it in english and enjoyed it. He was baptized and is the first in his family. He was taken by the government right after graduation and had to serve in the army, but still followed God and had many answered prayers there. He was then able to travel to England for college. He is feeling the call to be a bible worker in the city near his village and this college was again an answer to prayer. there stands a center of influence in that city that has never been opened. They want to teach computers and english. The year in England at college will not give him a degree, but gives him what he needs to teach in that city. He only had money for one semester, because his family doesn't approve of his beliefs. But the school would not give him a transcript of one semester. So I agreed to pay for this semester. God blessed my work for the last couple months, and I was able to pay for half of it. but now I no longer have the money to continue payments for this month. the last payment i should be able to cover again. He needed a total of $8,000, I have paid $4000, and will pay $2000 more for the last payment, but I need help for this month just for him. God gave me just enough for my bills, and the more I pray about this need, the more This site comes to mind. It goes against everything in me to ask for help, and perhaps that is why I am in this situation. Please contact me and I will give you the link to send money directly to His paypal. Thank you and God Bless.

Please contact Joelle Acre at 269-830-0429 or VIA email at Email Address

County Living - Jamaica

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 2 to 3  acres in Jamaica; specifically a house that is unfinished that I can fix up by God's grace and will.

Please contact Aloe Vera at 1876883212 via Email at

Resources for Country Living

Our name is Celia and Bernard Quintero. We were given an old trailer that we are trying to add two bedrooms to house our family of 4 people. We have material to build and also the labor. We are in need of help for getting the pole for electricity and some help with plumbing. The cost for the electricity is $2,500

Please contact Bernard Quintero  

Resources - For Evangelism - Mexico

Resources needed:

* Money needed for medical ministry evangelism, agriculture school in Mexico. Have land but no buildings. 

Please contact Abi Marcos VIA WhatsApp  +52 984 165 4524 or VIA E-mail at

County Living - Missouri or New Zealand

I'm looking for a rural property or home in the country with 1 to 2 acres in Missouri or New Zeland.

Please contact Janee Kimbrough  at 314-489-0417 via Email at

Resources - For Evangelism - Zambia

Resources needed:

* We are a self supporting ministry based in Zambia in need of laptop, camera, projector, music systems for crusades, medical missionary books, Bibles and other tracts for outreach (E.G White's books like Maranatha C.D ,volumes of testimonies, A.H and others 

Please contact James Kabengele at 962433220 or VIA email

Apartment & Employment

Apartment in Bentonville, AR, 3 bedroom as we have 2 young kids boy and girl. We are in nyc and we want out to the country area.

Employment Opportunity: I am seeking any type of clerical position, data entry, office receptionist etc. I have experience in data entry at a law firm in the calendar department. I am now on furlough due to lack of work. I prefer somewhere near or around Bentonville, AR

Please contact Danielle Eke at 917-981-7069 VIA Email at

Resources - Solar Water Pump System

Resources needed:

* Solar Water Pump System.

Please contact Julia Israel at 812183491 or VIA email

Resources - Building Supplies

Resources needed:

* Financial assistance or Building supplies.

Please contact Sheander Grillis  at 242-812-6119 or VIA email