30 ft. x 10 ft. Canopy Party Wedding Event Tent Heavy-Duty Gazebo Cater with Side Walls

Sister Kanen Autore is in need of a tent in order to hold lifestyle camp meetings in her community.


Please contact her at 727-386-0124 or for more details. 

Resources - Wheelchair

We are a missionary family in Zambia and we have a 13 year old girl who has cerebral palsy. We are looking for a wheelchair and a walker for her.


Please contact Kerry Mulenga Ng'ona via email at


Resources - Tractor

We have 70 hectors of land in the country we are requesting for a tractor, materials for school evangelism, equipment for sanitarium and skills center.


Please contact Kerry Thandiwe Shonga via email at


Financial Assistance - Bahamas

We're a SDA small group called STS in Bahamas. Need to raise some money to supply food & helping the most vulnerable people while preaching the gospel

Please contact Kervens Victor at 242-470-2077 via email at

Financial Assistance

My husband and I have a large tract of land that we need to have surveyed. To be divided in tracts for a community. $15,000 needed.

Please contact Moni Heiser via email at

Financial Assistance


Please contact CESAR PACHECO at 310-238-4880  via email at

Financial Assistance

House Rent money.

Please contact Seraphine Mcconkey  via email at

Country Living - Montana

I am looking to purchase a decent amount of land for my family and I in Montana or Antigua

Employment Opportunity: Education, working with kids, tutoring, and cleaning

Please contact Hermionne Romeo 407-456-0524 via email at

Ministry Opportunity

Ministry Opportunity: Am a female medical missionary. Needing someone to work with. Home available in the country while we work in the town. Female companions preferred

Please contact Verdel Humphrey via email at

Resources - Building Materials

materials to build a house


Please contact Kerry Ann Lawrence at 876-424-1001 via email at


Ministry Opportunity

Ministry Opportunity: like-minded people who live in NE Ohio who are interested in taking to the streets to preach the Gospel, and teach the 3 Angel's Messages to an ignorant and dying world

Please contact Kim Davis at 740-641-4221 or via email at

Country Living

Looking for rural property or country home with 2 to 5 acres in Maryland. Single parent who would like to connect with others in an area along the east side of the US. Currently in MD.


Please contact Adina Verrett Myles 301-452-4261 via email at

Financial Assistance

I'm new to Orlando Florida and I came here for the Lord and I just found a job but have not started training yet and my phone bill is due on May 31st and I really don't want to lose my connection to my employer or my family back home

Please contact James Newell at 765-354-8209 via email at

Financial Assistance

a deposit to move into a cabin.

Please contact Juanita Ieremia at 253-677-5999 via email at

Country Living - Ohio

Looking for rural property or country home with 20 to 50 acres in Ohio


Employment Opportunity: Heavy equipment or dump truck driver

Please contact Rachel Nix 513-444-5370 via email at

Country Living - Idaho

Looking for rural property or country home with 10 acres in Idaho or Mexico

Ministry Opportunity: Evangelism / Teaching / Preaching

Employment Opportunity: Arborist / landscaping / irrigation/ farming

Please contact John Figueroa 845-820-7237 via email at

Country Living - Jamaica

My husband and I are avid viewers of Save to Serve and are Present Truth believers. We are in dire need to connect with a family or two where we can have an outpost. We are not in a position to purchase property but we will be willing to contribute. Looking to accomplish this in Jamaica.

Please contact Sandra Clarke-Greaves 246-248-5816 via email at

Ministry Opportunity

Ministry Opportunity: Telling others of Gods truth and Second coming

Please contact Jahan Myrie at 347-485-1554 or via email at

Country Living - TN

Looking for rural property or country home with 2 to 4 acres in TN

Please contact Merline Charles 302-228-5943 via email at

Country Living - North Carolina

Looking to rent or buy a small house for a country living in WNC (North carolina) and a family to move with

Please contact CHIKAMUNARIO EKEKE 516-710-4439 via email at

Country Living - Multiple States

I am looking for a Rural vacant property with 4 lots in Kentucky, Upper FL, GA, SC or  AL, as well as Jamaica.

Please contact Anthony Lewis 305-890-3680 via email at

Country Living - Ministry & Employment Opportunity

I am looking for a Rural vacant property with 2 lots in Trinidad & Tobago.

Ministry Opportunity: Bible study, canvassing, medics missionary

Employment Oppornity: Patient Care Assistant

Please contact Kim Jones 868-764-2940 via email at


Generator, lights, sleeping bags, camping stretchers, Tent & Shelters, Bag-packs & bags, Bibles, Sunday law books, great controversy,safety & survival


Please contact Daisy Nelson at 876-580-1857 via email at

Relocation - Other States

Looking for others to locate & rent together/ in North Ga/TN/NC area, believers, me & adult young son, Grow food, have many yrs exp.

Please contact Julie Hopson at 470-554-5154  via email at

Resources - Building Materials

Hi Brethren we are in need of building materials to construct our country home. We have attached pictures of the work done thus far faithfully. We are in need of cement, blocks, gravel, roofing materials as well as a brush cutter.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Please contact Ateba Jerome at 868-268-2095 via email at

Country Living - Ministry - Employment Opportunity - Canada

I am looking for a country property with 5 or more acres of land land in Canada

Ministry Opportunity: Medical, evangelize, feeding the poor, and more.

Employment Opportunity: Construction, electrical, farming, and more.

Please contact Calogero Parker at 513-978-4962  via email at

Financial Assistance

Asking for financial help to settle the payment for a piece of country land (12acres) we paid 5000 kwacha and the remaining is 7500 kwacha

Please contact ALLAN KABENGELE via email at

Resources - Technology Equipment

I am seeking independent Ministry establishment, that print and distribute literature, that make videos post on youtube, that treat disease with simple herbal remedies.

Resources needed: Camera, Recorder, Juicer, tablet-phone

Please contact Emmanuel Uwitonze via email at

Country Living - Ministry Opportunity

I am looking for a Rural vacant property with 5 to 20 acres of land land in South Dakota or Jamaica.

Ministry Opportunity: Bible Teacher or Fitness Trainer

Please contact George Irving at 876-333-3699  via email at

Financial Help - Namibia

I am kindly requesting for financial assistance to do an online course one year biblical studies certificate offered at Hartland college Virginia, USA.

I am in need of funds of $3960 to pay for the entire online course and i also need books such Steps to Christ and Great controversy for evangelist activities (door to door and others) i do in the city of Windhoek, Namibia

Please contact Anduerpio Paulo via email at

Country Living - Idaho

I am looking for a Rural vacant property with land land in Idaho

Please contact Toby Jones at 813-240-5877  via email at

Country Living - Ministry & Employment Opportunity

I live on my own land, however my house is too close to others.I am willing to give up everything to live in the country. I am willing to work.

Ministry Opportunity: Just going door to door as Christ commissioned us.

Employment Opportunity: Planting, gardening, teaching primary education home school ,caring for the sick

Please contact Natalee Dennis at 876-817-0022 or via email at

Resources - Solar Panels

Solar panel and other tools alike that can run loptop and wifi for aggresive evangelism.

Please contact Joseph Rosales via email at

Country Living - South Africa

I am looking for a Rural vacant property with 3 acres of land in South Africa

Please contact Ziphezinhle Lotoya Mdakane  via email at