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June 18, 2017

Since mother’s have a special day devoted to them upon whom are lavished kindly attentions, thoughtful gifts and considerate gestures, it is only fair that fathers should likewise have a special day devoted to their appreciation, right?  Besides, it takes a both a moth...

As the representative of what many claim to be the “Mother” church, Pope Francis has publicly decried the United States’ biggest non-nuclear bomb being called a mother (Mother of All Bombs or MOAB). He further stated that a deadly weapon should in no wise be labeled “m...

November 23, 2016

In this extremely secularized age, when atheism is at an all-time high, it would seem impossible that there is a strong and growing movement favoring the resurrection of Sunday laws.  But to the contrary, it is the lack of morality and the degeneration of spirituality...

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