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June 20, 2017

Is it possible that the hatred of one common enemy is so strong, that one-time enemies can unite, become friends and collaborate to oppose, destroy or kill that common enemy? Absolutely! This principle was carried out in the times of Christ, which serves as a template...

As the representative of what many claim to be the “Mother” church, Pope Francis has publicly decried the United States’ biggest non-nuclear bomb being called a mother (Mother of All Bombs or MOAB). He further stated that a deadly weapon should in no wise be labeled “m...

November 28, 2016

Since the announcement of former Cuban President Fidel Castro’s death at the age of 90, November 27, 2016, there has been celebration in some parts of the world, while the country of Cuba grieves and enters a 9-day mourning period. The somber ambiance in Cuba is signal...

September 17, 2016

There is not one sector in society that Pope Francis does not have his presence and influence in, and soon to be control. He has capitalized the technological arena, the entertainment industry, popular culture, politics, religion, the labor unions, and now, believe it...

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